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    This is going to be a little shallow for the politics/religion forum.

    But seeing as some people truly believe they have the RIGHT to keep others from doing or saying anything that offends them I guess this is the right place.

    I am curious to hear your opinions on why so many people feel and think this way.

    I am aware enough to realize that just because I do not take offence easily, there are some people who naturally cannot help themselves.

    Take a cousin of mine for instance. If anyone even mentions something he feels slights him he gets enraged. He cannot fathom that anything about himself could be in any way negative.

    I am sure he is a special case but it does seem that most of our population believes they are perfect, and if anyone says otherwise they get offended.

    Or even if they just do not like an idea or agree with a thought, they get offended.

    OK whatever sorry you feel that way.

    But since when have we as a society decided that it is illegal immoral and incorrect to offend anpother human being?

    All BS aside I actually had a friend the other day say they were considering suing a neihbor because they were offended by the neihbors thoughts and statements about a certain breed of animal that they love.

    So just think out there is a lady that is considering hiring a lawyer because her feelings got hurt enough that she lost a night of sleep.

    I think that this all got started by companies with lots of exposure not wanting to offend any potential customers.

    Now that is a legitimate reason to be aware and careful what you say and do.

    But it has "trickled" down to the masses and now people expect us to be way more than polite. They actually expect us to not disagree with them and to never say out loud how WE feel if if might not be mainstream.

    What do you guys think?
  2. Golden Rule solves the problem...

  3. The bill of rights.

    Gee, they STILL haven't paid for that thing?
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    This is one of the great "success" stories of the loony left.

    They have achieved Political correctness to the extreme.

    Until recently I was working with a guy in his mid thirties. He was unable to deal with any criticism no matter how polite or constructive without getting upset. He also couldn't handle not getting his way, even though he wasn't entitled to have his way in that situation to begin with.

    I have a neighbor who built a retaining wall and fence almost 17 feet onto our property. We had a survey done and although he has no survey training he was arguing with the surveyor. Even claimed the street in front of his house was in the wrong place. We got an estimate that indicated letting them keep that strip of land would reduce our property value by $20K - $25K.
    He offered us $4K and then gets mad when we won't accept the offer and he has to move the wall and fence back to the property line. All this because he didn't check the property line BEFORE construction. Of course in his mind, it's all OUR fault.

    Collectively we've evolved into a nation of pussies drunk with a sense of entitlement, a complete lack of backbone or any sense of self responsibility.

    The liberals have been working hard for decades to achieve this, they have finally "succeeded".