Bill Miller says buy.

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    Morgan Stanley and all these mutual funds goes on TV and tell everyones to buy..
    I say fire any investment advisor who tells you to buy now.
    and this guy is a 'registered' investment advisor..even my 12 year old niece says this not a good time to own or buy stocks. what the hell man! what kind of b.s. advice is that.

    just like when that meredith whitfreey says oil was going to $25/barrel and don't buy oil on december 2008...b.s. advice why do people pay these people big buck for b.s. advice.

    smart money isn't buying. it's a trader's market and these mutual funds make like 3% management fee for doing's in their best interest to maintain paper profits or inflated portfolios.
  2. Your 12 year old niece has the qualifications and intelligence to disagree with a registered investment advisor? [​IMG]
  3. it is time to fire your niece. And based on the rest of your post, fire yourself too. You are not fit to manage your own investments.

    And did you need 3 consecutive "S"s in your user ID, because someone else took the correct spelling? :D
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    I'm a RIA. Does this mean I need to be fired to say bullish, but with caution for my growth, and aggressive growth Clients?
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    Fees for the PIMCO Total Return
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    I'll bite.

    So what's your view why we should not buy???
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  8. Bill Miller has a couple of years performance to make up. Why not say "buy now" what's he got to lose?
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    just because you think the market is going down doesn't mean that people that disagree are wrong.

    Also, don't be surprised when people who get paid for managing money want you to give them money to manage. Is your profession any different?

    Don't ask the barber if you need a haircut... and don't get mad when you see the barber on tv telling you to get a haircut.
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    Wow, really going out on a limb there. Market goes up, "Hey, I'm a genius". Market goes down, "Hey, I told ya to use caution". People pay you for that advice?
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