Bill Miller gives worst advice ever in 2006

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Daal, Mar 12, 2008.

  1. Daal


  2. He meant sell gold and oil to HIM and buy C FROM him :D
  3. He should really stick to baseball

    15 year 'steak' and his advice is still awful
  4. jsv416


    simply amazing... I really dont understand why people trust their money to the "experts".
  5. Exactly.

    Fast money guys, Cramer, BIll Miller, Gross, Icahn, Buffett, and many other overrated experts.

    I still think BRA-a is going back to 110,000
  6. stock you are truly one of the stupidist poster ever, and I do mean ever. To compare Buffett and cramer is akin to comparing your bus pass with one of my cars. Yikes, the internet has spawned an entire generation of idiots.
  7. harkm


    That might be the worst call ever.
  8. What about Maria Barf-aroma's "looking into selling short" at THE bottom in '03.
  9. Come on... give Barton Biggs some credit. He said short oil in 2004... two years before Bill Miller! When it went against him he loaded up some more because he said it was just trend following speculators going against him and his fundamental analysis said oil was way overvalued.
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    I missed that one. Please explain.
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