Bill Maher mocking Glenn Beck

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    This one is a gem, sums up every degenerate stereotype "conservatives" have of "liberals"
  2. Ain't it something how the party thats always supported corporate greed and wage slavery has somehow managed to
    become populists? How else could a whore like Limbaugh possibly get to where he makes 31 million dollars a year?
  3. Correction: Limbaugh makes 38 million/yr for 8 years plus 100 million signing bonus. A total parasite
  4. They're all just political Howard Sterns. The more outrageous they get, the more money they make.

    Both sides of the isle are well represented in the political shock jock arena.
  5. $400 million, holy fuck. Why are they lining up to manage Wall Street banks when you could be an ignorant moron on radio for just a few hours a day.

    That's insane, 400 million. I always love how people making $30k a year listen to journalists or pundits making millions a year and think they're speaking for them. Nope.

  6. Hah! +1
  7. Traders are parasites?

    Wow... a bit Marxist don't you think?


  8. now that is rich.

    Everything included, I pay more than 50% in taxes, so government employees can retire at 50 with full benefits for the rest of their lives.

    And you're suggesting we are enslaved by some guy on the radio?

    the only good thing about liberals is they usually grow up. Considering that people identify as conservative nearly at a 2-to-1 ratio to liberal, I think that makes him a populist.
  9. Other than being a criminal there's few livelihoods more parasitic than being a trader.

    If I'm lucky enough to have on a rare winning short position do I not rejoice at my good fortune even though it comes at the expense of widows and orphans?

    Successful speculation is nothing more than adeptly front running new orders.
    Who do those market moving orders belong to? Pension funds and the like. So a GOOD DAY for a trader is a day where he lifted offers in front of a size buyer and caused an already under performing pension fund to pay more for a stock they need. Noble stuff.

    That's why these leftists in the Modern Trading World crack me up.

    A generation or two ago, guys like Soros would've been targeted for death by groups like the Red Brigade. In a sense, rightfully so.

    It's been clear to me for years why Soros and Buffet and more recently Tudor want to be perceived as "the people's billionaires." It's a duplicitous, self preservation front to deflect hatred and possibly murder.

    If it meant a big year for the Quantum Fund Soros wouldn't care if he cut the purchasing power of an impoverished nation by half when raiding their currency.

    Weirdly that's one of the things that ATTRACTED me to trading. The notion of being an economic terrorist. I wish i could bring down the treasury with a single mouse click....

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