Bill Gross of PIMCO

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  1. Gross: After open, stock mkt doesn’t move ‘til close. Very strange. Fast trades clipping .01’s but little risk taking. New form capitalism
  2. Since when does zerohedge have an account on ET
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    He quoted Bill Gross, not some guy who sells gold via infomercials
  4. no he quoted zerohedge who quoted Gross.
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    People complain about the market flash crash, 500+ pts down and up in a few minutes.
    Then others say its strange if the stock market acts orderly and peaceful through most of the day.

    Market is always changing its behaviour, like it always has.

    In the near future people will again be saying how crazy the market has become during the middle of the day and place the blame on the bots.

    Nothing new happens in the stock market.
  6. Flash crash was new. New things happen all the time in markets.
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    Market action on days in October 2008 were crazier than the movements we saw in the flash crash.
  8. Absolutely...and in light of just how comatose the market was from 2005-08 (or even going back earlier than that), it was surreal. As bad as the current volatility is, we don't have to look back that far at how low volatility was for a solid three years there prior to the financial meltdown of 2008.

    I don't remember the exact numbers, but it was a record duration of time between 2% close to close down days..several years in fact and yet in 2008 we were seeing 5% moves throughout the day for weeks at a time.

    Just further proof that trying to quash the natural forces of a market will always eventually bite the central planner's in the ass. It will be no different the next time around.
  9. I believe this type of market action is designed to lure retail back into the market. Low volatility, very few down days. The media has its marching orders.

    I doubt it will work. To much debt, and not enough retail credit out there. Nothing was fixed in the last crisis. Everyone knows its the central bank propping up the markets.

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