Bill Gross and Sam Zell are 2 idiots

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  1. both talkin their respective books. Gross saying its time to buy some bonds and Zell MENTIONING REAL ESTATE. HOW CONVENIENT AS THEY ARE BOTH PROBABLY TAKING A BATH .
  2. can always count on ET for some high comedy if you have the right perception :p
  3. They might be talking there books but you can't deny the fact that they are two of the best in their fields.
  4. His call to buy muni bonds has nothing to do with his book.

    Get a life
  5. oh yah what a source of comedy
  6. oh yes but if you look at it you get some info too
  7. I wouldn't mind being a billionaire idiot.
  8. I was under the impression that Zell unloaded most of his real estate to Blackstone at the top. At least his commercial real estate.
  9. idiot was too strong a word. how bout ZELL and GROSS are'nt infallible .....
  10. Gross is almost always right long term. I have been following him for years.

    Zell, on the other hand, is talking his book up. He's full of it on this one (recovery in spring) and he knows it.
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