Bill Gate's Secret Hedge Fund

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    Every extremely rich person has a family office that would rival the largest hedge funds. Michael Dell's family office has like 10Bn AUM.

    How else do you manage billions in cash? Checking account at Chase?
  2. No question about it--- But Gates seems to promote his philanthropic trust and not talk about Cascade and Larson---- wonder why
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    Surf, I don't get your point. He doesn't talk about what who his son/daughter dates either; nor do you talk about your own personal finance. Why would you expect him to talk about his own private affairs?
  4. Because it affects the price of the stock-- what he does-- this is why he is required to file the 13 forms-- despite cascade being private.
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    I don't think there is any news here.
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    He probably has to file 13Ds because he's structured as a fund (maybe to payout the employees).

    And Cascade isn't necessarily smarter or dumber than any of the other large funds out there.
  7. You of all people know that every weathy family has an office surf. Most are still around after a few generations and spend just as much time bailing kids out and balancing checkbooks for 40something year olds.
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    13D's are required any time someone owns more than 5% of the outstanding shares.

    I hope they do better than Paul Allen. We used to follow that guy around shorting his picks for years and made plenty. He was one of the worst stock pickers I've ever seen.
  9. "It is a very sad thing that nowadays there is so little useless information" --Oscar Wilde
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