Bill Gates lost $702,000,000 today

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by david666, Jan 28, 2011.

  1. Gates is down $702,000,000 today due to Microsoft losing $1.17 (at time of posting).

    Remember...just when you think your life can always get worse :p
  2. I lost 75 cents in a vending machine today. I doubt Gates or myself will get much sympathy.:eek:
  3. I bought a keyboard from best buy and found out it was cheaper on their website by 8 dollars?? :confused:

    Don't feel like going back to get the difference.
  4. You're an idiot
  5. No you are an idiot for not understanding the sarcastic tone

    man, fuck ET, it always degrades into personal negativity

  6. You're an idiot
  7. The net could really use a sarcastic icon. Maybe the tongue sticking can suffice for now.:p Might prevent some of these keyboard fights. Hope you know I was being sarcastic as well in my post.
  8. I was being serious, i'm pissed. :mad: :D
  9. Well of course...only thing more sarcastic than the tongue sticking out is the over exaggerated shocked face:eek:
  10. olias


    I liked the sarcasm. I thought that was pretty damn funny.
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