Bill Gates and Melinda Gates are Divorcing after 27 years of Marriage

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    Exactly. It's been said that divorce is usually caused by one of two issues: money or sex. I think it's safe to say that money isn't the issue in this case. :D
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    The cure for a Bill and Mel's stale marriage?
    The Princess of Qajar
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    Naw!!! You don't say? LOL

    The funny thing is they have pretty much revealed the very intimate reason why they are divorcing. And yet towards the end of the twitter message, they asked for "space and privacy". LOL I dunno how much "privacy" they are going to get when they've opened the drapes of the bedroom windows far and wide for the whole world to see...

    Clearly their PR did not vet this message before it went out...
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  6. When she married him he was the worlds richest man.
    Now he is only the 4th richest, maybe she can no longer orgasm.
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    Just recently I watched that Netflix documentary from 2019 and noticed how she talked and laughed about him during the interview. Made me think about their relationship…
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    So much of that marriage & happily ever after stuff.
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    So she is having a younger man then...
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