Bill Clinton suffers from DSB.....

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    Bill's owners/handlers have cornered the market on nuclear fuel and they need to steer the Titanic of energy consumption away from oil, no biggie to me, if nuclear can be safer and non polluting and good economics, so be it... solar is being downplayed and stifled tremendously, it could currently supply all the energy for the world if fully developed but it's not going to happen while there is money to be made from oil/nuclear...
  2. I clicked on the link to watch the Clinto video but was distracted about the video of a train hitting a mini van but while that was loading I got distracted about something I wanted to post on the CYGT bagholders forum, then the phone rang and was wondering whats DSB in case anyone asks?
  3. Wait. you said classic Jimmy Carter but the link said Clinto, what did I miss?
  4. Sorry about the misspelling typo on the "Clinto" left the n off. Cheap keyboard sometimes the n's do worl.
  5. Bill Clinton is one of the best presidents that the USA have had and would ever have. The guy is smart and selfmade.
  6. Be that as it may. History according to Nutmeg is that Bill missed osama when he had the chance AND Bill had access to some smart guys who knew the level of threat he posed.
  7. Smart, yes. Self (ish), made (too many times.)

    DSB is "deadly semen backup". distorts your thinking.
  8. Now I am intrigued to watch the video... of the train hitting the minivan!:D
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