Bill Clinton rips 9/11 conspiracy lunatics- Toronto please see

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  1. 1- the 19 martyrs video that was briefly showed on al-jizm.
    2- bin Laden admits on video of his involvement.
    3- other hijackers are shown absolutely to be Saudis and Muslims, proving Arab/Muslim involvement. There may be some questions about your 7, but there is none for the others.

    So why do you continue to make excuses?
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  2. Wael, all your articles are dated prior to the release of the pictures of the terrorists by the FBI on 9/27/2001. I hate to break it to you but only idiots kept believing that they were still alive after that date. None of them ever appeared on Al-Jazeera or Al-Arabia. Ask yourself why.

    September 08, 2003

    ...Bradley tells us that at the time his reporters did not speak directly with the so-called "survivors," but instead combined reports from other Arab papers. These reports, says Bradley, appeared at a time when the only public information about the attackers was a list of names that had been published by the FBI on September 14th. The FBI did not release photographs until four days after the cited reports, on September 27th.

    The photographs quickly resolved the nonsense about surviving terrorists.
    According to Bradley, "all of this is attributable to the chaos that prevailed during the first few days following the attack. What we're dealing with are coincidentally identical names." In Saudi Arabia, says Bradley, the names of two of the allegedly surviving attackers, Said al-Ghamdi and Walid al-Shari, are "as common as John Smith in the United States or Great Britain."
    "The problem," says Samman, "was that after the first FBI list had been published, CNN released a photo of the pilot Said al-Ghamdi that had been obtained from the files of those Saudi pilots who had at some point received official flight training in the United States."

    After Samman's story was reported by the news agencies, he was contacted by CNN. "I gave them Ghamdi's telephone number. The CNN people talked to the pilot and apologized profusely. The whole thing was quite obviously a mix-up. The Ghamdi family is one of the largest families in Saudi Arabia, and there are thousands of men named Said al-Ghamdi."

    When we ask Samman to take another look at the FBI's list of photographs, he is more than happy to oblige, and tells us: "The Ghamdi on the photo is not the pilot with whom I spoke."

    In the case of the supposedly surviving terrorist Walid al-Shari, the truth is even more obvious. At least B�low had the opportunity to avoid making this mistake. In his book, he writes that the alleged assassin Shari "lives in Casablanca and works as a pilot, according to information provided by the airline Royal Air Maroc."

    If B�low had inquired with the airline, he would have discovered that the name of the pilot who lives in Casablanca is Walid al-Shri and not, like that of the assassin, Walid al-Shari. This minor detail makes a big difference, namely the difference between a dead terrorist and a living innocent man. But to conspiracy theorists, discovering the truth is like solving a crossword puzzle for children: What's a four-letter word for a domesticated animal? Hrse.,1518,265160-2,00.html

    PS Fucking Spiegel, clearly they are working for the Mossad and are part of the Zionist conspiracy.
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  3. I am not...I am just scratching my head!!
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  4. It's not that hard Wael.

    12 of the 19 are Muslims. Nobody has any evidence, no matter how wild or ridiculous, to refute that.

    The other 7..... there is some doubt who they really were, could be false id's, etc. But photos of the Saudis that are saying "that's not me, etc" don't match the photos of the guys that were on the planes. So that doesn't prove that they weren't who the FBI says they were.

    Some links where you can look at the photos, evidence, discussion,etc yourself:
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  5. hilarious, only a total dumbnuts can make reference to statements issued by sources with huge conflicts of interests. but most incredible of it all, who could see fit to trust and thus quote sources connected to or considered prime suspects themselves to refute an argument?

    that's a tough one

    "justice dept. says this was a topographic error"

    and this is bullcrap, at least 2 of the guys interviewed by the bbc had not just matching names but their faces were the same of those appearing in the passports photos published by the govt.
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  6. Really? Then I bet Wael has dozens of youtube videos of these guys having fun, mocking the FBI, fooling around with live virgins... Or does he?

    PS Wael, where are you, still looking for a post-9/27/01 (the day the pictures of the hijackers were released) report of surviving hijackers published by a reputable news organization? Keep looking buddy. Maybe Bitstream can help. Unless he's too busy desperately trying to fit in in the UK by being more British than the British. :D :D :D

    The FBI did not release photographs until four days after the cited reports, on September 27th. The photographs quickly resolved the nonsense about surviving terrorists.,1518,265160-2,00.html
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  7. Martin Sheen Questions Official 9/11 Story
    Follows in footsteps of son Charlie Sheen, highlights implausible collapse of WTC 7, asks why building was "rigged"

    Paul Joseph Watson
    Prison Planet
    Monday, October 29, 2007

    RELATED: George Carlin Questions "Received Reality" Of 9/11 Story

    Actor Martin Sheen questioned the official 9/11 story, as well as the collapse of Building 7 and Larry Silverstein's "pull it" comment during an anti-war march this past weekend in Los Angeles, saying that recent revelations about the attacks had caused him to have doubts.

    Sheen was interviewed by We Are Change L.A. along with fellow actor Mark Ruffalo during an event hosted by the ANSWER Coalition at which around 20,000 people attended.

    Emmy and Golden Globe Award-winning Martin Sheen, star of blockbuster films like Apocalypse Now and hit series The West Wing, follows in the footsteps of his son Charlie Sheen, who publicly spoke of his doubts about the official 9/11 story back in March 2006.

    Martin Sheen said that he was dubious about questioning the official story until his son introduced him to new information about the anomalies of what happened on that day.

    "Up until last year, I was very dubious," said Sheen, "I did not want to believe that my government could possibly be involved in such a thing, I could not live in a country that I thought could do that - that would be the ultimate betrayal," he added.

    "However, there have been so many revelations that now I have my doubts, and chief among them is Building 7 - how did they rig that building so that it came down on the evening of the day?" said Sheen.

    Sheen also questioned the comments of Larry Silverstein, the leaseholder of the WTC complex, who told a September 2002 documentary that the decision was made to "pull" Building 7, a demolition industry term for the deliberate implosion of a structure.

    "How convenient," said Sheen, "When did they rig that building? That's the most interesting question and I have not received a satisfactory answer - nobody could give me an answer to how you rig the building - what a coincidence - two weeks prior and then bring it down on the day, that is the one thing that I have not got a sensible answer about from anyone," he concluded.

    Sheen also stated that NORAD's failure to follow its standard operating procedure on 9/11 was "something to wonder about".

    Watch the video below.

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    Though Fox News and other attack dogs are likely to seize upon Sheen's comments and run hit pieces, the National Institute of Standards and Technology itself had to admit recently that the total collapse of the twin towers at free fall speed could not be explained.

    NIST also promised to investigate whether explosive devices were involved in the collapse of Building 7 in August last year.

    The issue of Building 7 stoked controversy earlier this year when archive footage from news networks including BBC and CNN emerged that showed correspondents reporting the collapse the 47-story skyscraper over 20 minutes before it fell, leading some to charge that people with foreknowledge of the collapse were feeding networks a script as the events of 9/11 unfolded.

    Video to follow, watch this space.

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  8. You are swinging aimlessly. When I am not sure about a subject or when the other party has a valid argument, I usually cease arguing. When I defend an issue I am convinced in, I defend it whole heartdly. You on the other hand will lie, try to score cheap points, beat around the bushes and change subjects. I have never seen a criminal as filthy as you are. A zionist filth who will kill and try to weasel himself out of crimes. A sadist who takes pleasure in defending his sadism and blaming the victim of his sadism.

    People on this forum do not know you like we do. have not been on the receiving end of your crimes and do not know how you twist crimes, hide crimes and blame the victims of your crimes. I do!!! We do!!

    There are two reasons that kept me away from exposing you for the criminal zionist you are.

    The first being is that it is all unclear! Haroki might be right and he might be wrong. It is all ambiguous as of now. Because of that, I elected to drop the subject.

    The other reason is that I was informed this afternoon that a friend of mine from Gaza has lost his seven years old daughter. You know why dddooo? The girl was supposed to undergo an Appendix Surgery. Except for the fact that due to the siege the fascist zionist entity is imposing on Gaza, everything, including medical supplies have been blocked from entering the city. The night before, 8 red cross ambulances stacked with these medical supplies were prevented from entering even though the border police inspected these ambulances. The 7 years old girl died of shock when they tried to operate on her without anesthetics.

    Sleep tight you fucking sadist.
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  9. Nothing is ambiguous wael, all 19 hijackers were identified by the government, their names and pictures were made public on 9/27/2001, no reputable media outlet has claimed a sighting of an alive hijacker since then, not even Al-Jazeera, there is no youtube video of anyone of them either.

    Sorry to hear about your friend (that's if you are telling the truth as you are a known liar and drama-queen). Unfortunately if he voted for Hamas he has no one else to blame but himself, Hamas and those who lob Qassam rockets into Israeli neighborhoods, those who use ambulances to transport terrorists, those who use billions of dollars of international aid to buy weapons, not medicine and those who use border crossings to smuggle weapons.

    Israel does allow humanitarian supplies into Gaza, other than that it owes the arabs/palestinians nothing, take your complaints to your Egyptian brothers. Israel is not responsible for all the misery happening in the arab world.
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  10. Oct 22, 2007

    Hamas is unnecessarily endangering Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip by generating phony humanitarian crises, head of the Gaza Coordination Liaison Administration (CLA) Col. Nir Press said Monday.

    In an interview with The Jerusalem Post on Monday, Press dismissed the claims and said that in a meeting he held Sunday afternoon with Palestinian Health Ministry officials he was informed that the hospitals were running "low" on the anesthetic. On Monday morning, less than 24 hours after making the request, Israel transferred 151 nitrous oxide gas balloons to Shifa Hospital.

    "It is the Palestinians' responsibility to order the supplies,"
    Press said, noting that despite the daily rocket attacks on Israeli towns - on Monday 10 rockets and shells pounded the western Negev - Israel continued to transfer medical goods and supplies into Gaza whenever they were ordered.

    Press said that orders were usually placed by the Palestinians days in advance and that Sunday's sudden announcement "was a spin by Hamas and an attempt to put pressure on Israel by creating a humanitarian crisis."
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