Bill Clinton rips 9/11 conspiracy lunatics- Toronto please see

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  2. you sound convinced that there's no possibility the administration let it happen on purpose
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  3. Which administration?

    The admin whose National Security Advisor stole documents from the 9/11 Commission?

    The admin whiose VP (Gore) selected the best known neo-con (Lieberman) in the Democrat Party as his running mate?

    The admin whose First Lady after becoming a Senator voted for the war?

    The admin who tried to block a movie about 9/11?

    In answer to your question, no. Despite all of this I don't think Bill Clinton knew in advance.

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  4. lol fine opportunity to make a political point, go ahead - but no i mean the bush administration
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  5. Your above post still does not discount the fact that seven out of the total number are still alive.
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  6. Oh, ok then.

    Perhaps you need to notify the Saudi Arabian Govt that some of their 15 SUICIDE hijackers are still alive. Next step is to get them a gig in Vegas, cuz if they can commit suicide and still be alive, well, that's an act I'd love to see.
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  7. Claims that the hijackers were not on the planes

    Some conspiracy theorists go further to suggest that the hijackers were not on the planes at all. This claim was fueled by erroneous initial news reports shortly after 9/11 that indicated that some of the hijackers were still alive. The BBC and the Daily Telegraph newspaper reported on September 23, 2001, that some of the people named by the FBI as hijackers were actually alive and well.[135][136] One of them was Waleed al-Shehri, who they said they had found in Casablanca, Morocco. Abdulaziz Al Omari, Saeed Alghamdi, and Khalid al-Midhar, three other hijackers, were all said to be living in the Middle East. On September 19, the FDIC even distributed a "special alert" which listed al-Mihdhar as alive. The Justice Department says that this was a typographical error.

    All of the reports have since been acknowledged as cases of mistaken identity by the publications involved and by other news organisations such as NBC.[137][135][138] In 2002, Saudi Arabia admitted that the names of the hijackers were correct.[139] The editor of BBC News Online has said the identity confusion in the original BBC article that sparked the theories may be due to the hijackers' names being common Arabic names, and that the BBC has later superseded the original article.[140]

    The Arab Personality

    This is a culture where rumors are an integral part of social activity, and they quickly become absolute truth that cannot be challenged. It has to do with exaggerations, flights of fancy, and especially, in a society that believes in conspiracies, a society wherein every date is important, that remembers everything and forgives nothing. This is a society wherein the lie is an essential component of behavior patterns, and lying is endorsed by religious sages. The famous Muslim theologian, al-Ghazzali, claimed that the lie is not wrong in itself. If the lie is the way to achieve good results, then it is permissible. It is necessary to lie when the truth might lead to unpleasant or undesired results.
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  9. lol i hope all you gloating naysayers aren't banking on the fact that since there are so many of you, you personally will be any less of an idiot if your interpretation turns out to be wrong
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  10. Coming from a zionist who has it in his agenda to flame hate between the Arab world and the US to advance his agenda of recruiting American soldiers to fight on his illegal zionist state's behalf???

    coming from a zionist who tried to pull a fast one on me when he Lied by claiming that the Syrian ambassador in the UN admitted that dddooo's illegal entity bombed a nuclear installation in Syria??

    This is an example for everyone to see how a zionist masters the art of forgary. The following post is made by our con artist dddooo. The bolded section is my reply to dddooo.

    Keep on working on spreading hate between the American people and the Arab world and see where will that lead you dddooo.

    Quote from dddooo:

    Syria admits that Israeli air strike targeted nuclear facilities

    Syria's ambassador to the United Nations confirmed on Tuesday that Israel's air strike on September 6 in northern Syria did indeed target a nuclear site, marking the first time the country has acknowledged its nuclear efforts.

    Finally!! I was waiting for you to do so to expose you for the liar you are!!!

    I made this thread and waited and waited for you to make this fraudulent claim to exposer your zionist lies.

    Interpreter error causes furor
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    Published: 10/18/2007

    An interpreter's error has raised hackles in the United Nations and throughout the Middle East.

    The United Nations said Wednesday that an interpreter misquoted a Syrian diplomat as saying that Israel had bombed a nuclear facility in his country.

    Reuters reported that according to the transcript of a meeting of the U.N. General Assembly’s Disarmament Committee, Syrian U.N. Ambassador Bashar al-Jaafari -- speaking in Arabic with simultaneous English translation --said that Israel "violates the airspace of sovereign states and carries out military aggression against them, like what happened on the 6th of September 2007 against my country."

    The translator quoted the diplomat as saying that Israel had "taken action against nuclear facilities, including the 6 July attack in Syria."

    The error made headlines throughout the Middle East.

    UN taking action for Syria error

    By EDITH M. LEDERER, Associated Press Writer
    Thu Oct 18, 9:42 PM ET

    The United Nations said Thursday action would be taken against the interpreter responsible for an erroneous report that Syria has a nuclear facility and expressed regret at the incident.

    Syria denied that one of its representatives told the U.N. General Assembly's disarmament committee on Tuesday that Israel had attacked a Syrian nuclear facility. It said the representative was misquoted, demanded a correction, and insisted that "such facilities do not exist in Syria."

    After more than seven hours of investigation Wednesday, U.N. officials agreed the Syrian delegate was misquoted. "There was no use of the word nuclear," U.N. associate spokesman Farhan Haq said.

    The mistake made headlines in the Middle East and heightened concerns over Damascus' nuclear ambitions. Those ambitions were under scrutiny following a Sept. 6 Israeli airstrike on an unknown target in northeastern Syria near the border with Turkey. Widespread reports say it may have been a nascent nuclear facility, a claim Syria has denied.

    According to the corrected text, the Syrian representative said: "...the (entity) that is ranking number four among the exporters of lethal weapons in the world; that which violates the airspace of sovereign states and carries out military aggression against them, like what happened on Sept. 6 against my country, such entity with all those characteristics and even more, has no right for its representative to go on lying without shame..."

    The Syrian representative spoke in Arabic, but Haq said Thursday the problem wasn't the result of the interpretation from Arabic. An interpreter who worked from Arabic into French was fairly accurate, he said.

    The problem occurred because of another interpreter, who was listening to the French and then interpreting into English, Haq said.

    "Action will be taken against that freelance interpreter to the fullest extent of the U.N. rules and regulations," Haq said, refusing to comment further on what that action might be.

    Your attempt to hide that and engage in framing Syria has one interpretation. You want a war, similar to the one your zionists gangs promoted against Iraq, to be carried against Syria.

    Talk about the mentality of a children killer zionist.
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