Bill Clinton rips 9/11 conspiracy lunatics- Toronto please see

Discussion in 'Politics' started by sputdr, Oct 25, 2007.

  1. You're funny, I'm actually glad you believe what you believe. The sheep are needed. That's for keeping the game going while the smart ones make their exit before the sh*t hits the fan.
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  3. i find it a lot funnier how far you've taken it up the ass from your supposedly conservative republican party :)
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  5. how dare he take blowjobs sitting at the desk of the president of the united states. it's all relative really. he's probably been dying to say that to someone for all the times it's been said to him
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  6. chew on this for awhile:

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  7. Sounds like the Clintons are preparing the population for a huge Iraq war escalation once the duo win the White House again.
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  8. the volume of factual and circumstantial evidence suggesting and in many instances out right indicating govt involvement and culpability for the 911 attacks is so overwheling that the kennedy assasination looks in contrast like the mistery of the millenium.

    you guys can't cut trough 911 when the mic's guilt of conspiracy to commit mass murder is so compelling and transparent that any jury would not hesitate an instant to send the culprits to walk the plank, yet....

    .... yet you can easily figure out the global warming scam for the fraud it really is when once again gW ballyhoo is as tough to figure as heinstein's relativity compared to 911.

    no chance... you either decided a priori that the fairy tale you have been told is untouchable, unquestionable and sacred as you want to hang on to your fantasy of a govt uncapable of carrying out such deeeds. that, as taking apart the whole official 911 affair would cause such a turmoil in your belief system, your cosy view of society and more so in your emotional stability...and trust me it aint no fun to go trough the horror of such a shift.
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  9. You mean the fact that the building 7 collapse "looked like" controlled demolition and the extremely ambiguous sentence uttered by Larry Silverstein is the overwhelming evidence you are talking about? Cause frankly I have not heard anything else from "your" side.

    All you need to know is who were on those planes

    and who celebrated on 9/11. They surely don't look like North Americans, Jews or Europeans.
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