Bill Clinton planned & authorized 9/11 attacks

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    9/11/2001 was the date for the $240 Billion fraudulent Russian bonds to mature.

    Bill Clinton planned and authorized the 9/11 attacks such that 9/11 attacks happen after he left the President office.

    In the early 1990's a plot was hatched by the “Vulcans”, a subset of the Enterprise, to crush the Russian Empire in what was to be called Project Hammer. The idea was to create a slush fund of $240 billion in fraudulent, possibly gold backed, 10 year bonds to economically crush the Russian Ruble, loot it's Treasury and transfer ownership of Russia's vast natural resources to US backed “partners.” These bonds were created on September 12, 1991 and matured 10 years later… to the day.
  2. Are you sure it wasn't Bill Murray?

    That website is pretty convincing.
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    I think in 1998, USA army had confirmed reports about the presence of Osama Bin Laden on a hunting camp in Afghanistan. The Cruise missiles were ready to strike Osama's hunting camp.

    But the last moment somebody told Bill Clinton that the Saudi Prince is hunting with Osama. After that Bill Clinton cancelled the Cruise missile strike.

    This report has been confirmed by FBI.
  4. Alex Jones told me personally that 9/11 was panned and executed by Ike.
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  6. Clinton was bribed. He received a large donation from the Saudi's for his Libary at the same time.
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  9. Clinton's Libary (sic)?


    Does Clinton's Libary (sic) have a libarian (sic)?


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