Bill Clinton on CNBC

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Wallet, May 14, 2010.

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    To solve our debt problem, we need more tax payers, i.e. legalize immigrants , value added tax, higher taxes on upper class, and to look at more alternative taxes.
  2. Or, they could STOP SPENDING THEIR FRICKIN' BRAINS OUT! :mad: :mad:

    50% of US citizens pay no Federal Income Tax. How much Federal Income Tax does Bill think the immigrants will pay? Or, will they drain far, FAR more in social benefits than they ever pay in taxes?

    Instead of "transforming America", the Leftists and Democrats should just move to Venezuela where they would certainly find nirvana under Chavez.
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    I just thought it was interesting that he was on paving the way for the current administrations agenda.

    Obama's pledge of no new taxes for the middle class, those under $250k is already off the table, as it was stated this week that it was President Obama's hope but not a pledge.

    Get ready. I wouldn't mind paying a bit more, but not when Washington has no concept of fiscal responsibility, first cut out of the box needs to be congressional payrolls and salaries..... just like everyone else is contending with these days, then a complete overhaul of entitlements.

    Good luck it will never happen.