Bill Clinton in company of rich men who have sex with underage teens

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    I thought this was BS and then I started to dig in and read.

    Teenage girl recruited by paedophile Jeffrey Epstein reveals how she twice met Bill Clinton


    http://www.d a i l y m a i

    Jeffrey Epstein 'kept a diary of his under-aged victims'




    Jeffrey Epstein is a member of the the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations.
    He supports the Friends of Israel Defense Forces.
    Mossad spy’ Robert Maxwell is a close friend of Jeffrey Epstein who was jailed for involvement with ‘child prostitutes’.

    Fresh questions for Prince Andrew over friendship with paedophile Jeffrey Epstein

  2. Interesting info on the history and legality of underage sex.
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    People like Bush, Clinton, Ben Bernanke

    they are not just into secret society organizations like Skull and Bones, Bilderbergers and Club of Rome

    They also have kids farms managed by Mossad and CIA and they rape kids and probably sunff them too.

    All in days work of being a globalist monster
  4. remember that movie primary colors...
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    I haven't seen it
  6. Clinton isnt the only one

    Barack Obama spent part of his Presidential campaign been flying around the country in charter jets and borrowed planes – including this Gulfstream jet owned by Atlanta pastor Eddie Long — while Obama was campaigning for the Democratic nomination for president. This photo is courtesy Bob Holland, and was taken as the plane was departing London’s Luton Airport.

    The Gulfstream carries the tail number N747NB, and according to the FAA the jet is registered to Long Charter Air, LLC – an Atlanta based firm.

    Long Charter Air is located at 6400 Woodrow Rd, Lithonia, Georgia – That’s the same address as New Birth Missionary Baptist Church – a large church headed by Bishop Eddie L. Long with over 25,000 members.

    Bishop Eddie Long Scandal: Pastor Facing Sexual Abuse Claims

    There have been a number of reports surfacing today (The Associated Press and the Atlanta Journal Constitution), which have revealed that Bishop Eddie Long of the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Lithonia, Georgia has been faced with claims of sexual abuse.

    According to William Browning at, two men have filed a lawsuit against Long, claiming that he coerced them into sexual relationships with him while they were teenagers attending his church. An attorney for the two men says she is currently talking to other victims.

    Bishop Eddie Long is definitely a strong religious figure in the Atlanta area, and has been a senior pastor at the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church for many years. Eddie Long’s church services are broadcast on the television, as well as on the Internet.