Bill Clinton II

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    I am now convinced after the Air Force one fiasco in New York, we officially are in Bill Clinton II territory. I believe that Obama probably studied Clinton, it seems to come so natural.

    From the spectacle of a guy announcing that he has a plan to get his own budget under control, to now Mr. 'the buck stops here' saying he is going to order an investigation of his own staff to find out why the New York flyover happened. He looks so presidential doesn't he, why he was furious and shocked. He only knew when we did... even though the white house arranged the flyover

    He must really think were stupid (well collectively we are, he has this act down). Caldera is his guy, he is going to investigate his own staff member... ok so you gotta dust off your 90's bs translator here. Clinton lacked judgment on stuff like this but no way would he ever take blame. I'm almost positive that at least Emmanuel knew ahead of time, but the goal is to throw the lowest person under the bus and move on quickly.

    Caldera is toast, but the truth of the matter is that he is also being told to take it in the shorts for the Obama.
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    Take your pick, fourth term of FDR, second Jimmy Carter term, Clinton redux...
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    What's different here are the fawning masses. People are trying to brand him as some sort of intellectual because of his slightly above average presidential oratory skills (Hitler's oratory undresses this guy, but nobody called Hitler intellectual). He constantly gives nonanswers to most substantive new questions but his image management and his following are attempting to create an aura that is different than past leaders.

    Like Clinton he is in love with his image as the president but more importantly he is about power over principle. It's good in the sense that he will compromise his liberal instincts in order to keep everyone happy and himself in power, it's bad in how he lacks critical judgement necessary for a leader.

    Get ready for a steady dose of spin, slick reversals, bald logical nonsense disguised as brilliance, and image management.
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    Anyone remember Bill Clinton promising a clean, highly ethical, administration? sounds familiar.

    I predict that 'transparency' will be ditched at the first convienient moment, as if it really exists. I predict confrontation with Pelosi.

    I also predict many more meaningless nerfballs like "During these first 100 days, what has surprised you the most about
    this office? Enchanted you the most from serving in this office?
    Humbled you the most? And troubled you the most?" so that he can do his thing and the groupies can get a tingle down their spine. That is exactly what he is built for, vacuous oratory, he practices it and it works on his fans.

    That doesn't translate into effective leadership, so for that he emulates Clinton.
  5. So far so good Mav,

    "I predict confrontation with Pelosi."

    Phase two, "no more Mister Nice guy" tactic. He tested the waters when he said "I won" to the Republicans.

    Who knows, maybe Obama will ask the people directly to write their Congressman on issues he wants to pass but no support for from his fellow Dems.

    I wonder if Obama has written his version of Mein Kampf.
  6. Well he already has in place his propaganda minister, Reichsfuher Emanuel.
  7. Yes he has two. Once is called "Dreams from my father" and the other is called "Audacity of Hope".

  8. That should decide it because his father was a polygamist and a Marxist.
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    Someone needs to explain why hope takes audacity.
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    And narcissism and big ears...
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