Bill Clinton: I should have better regulated derivatives

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  1. AUSTIN, Texas (CNN) -- Former President Bill Clinton was in Austin, Texas, over the weekend to host the Clinton Global Initiative University, which encourages college students and administrators to come up with creative ways to address global issues.


    CNN's John Roberts sat down with Clinton to ask him about how the Obama administration is performing, how his wife, Hillary Clinton, is doing as secretary of state, and what responsibility he may have for the current financial crisis.

    John Roberts: Mr. President, in terms of the overall economic downturn, Time magazine had an article out this week in which it named 25 of the people most responsible for the economic downturn, and you were there. They, they had a picture of you in what looked like a police lineup. They had a little button where you could vote who's the most responsible? They pointed to your signing of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, the Commodity Futures Modernization Act. I wonder what you think about that.

    Former President Bill Clinton: I think that the only thing that our administration did or didn't do that we should have done is to try to set in motion some more formal regulation of the derivatives market. They're wrong in saying that the elimination of the Glass-Steagall division between banks and investment banks contributed to this. Investment banks were already...banks were already doing investment business and investment companies were already in the banking business. The bill I signed actually at least puts some standards there. And if you look at the evidence of the banks that have gotten in trouble, the ones that were most directly involved in there ... in a diversified portfolio tended to do better.

    Some of the conservatives said that I was responsible because I enforced the Community Reinvestment Act, and they said that's what made all these subprime mortgages be issued. That's also false. The community banks, the people that loan their money in the community instead of buying these esoteric securities, they're doing quite well.

    Roberts: So what's your take on what Sen. [John] McCain said, that [President] Obama is off to a terrible start?

    Clinton: I just disagree with him, but we have a different economic philosophy. For example, there's 100 economic studies which show that you get a better return in terms of economic growth on extending unemployment benefits or investing money in energy conservation jobs to improve buildings than you do giving people in my income group a tax cut. But it doesn't stop them. Those guys are on automatic. You punch a button and they give the answer they give you. There are a lot of tax cuts in that bill -- for middle-class families, for lower-income families. There's a $7,500 tax credit that will kick in when these plug-in electric vehicles go on the market, which could help us to become the world's leader in that and secure us jobs for a decade or more.
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    Right out of the Greenspan playbook:

    "It's Not My Fault!!"
  3. 1) Could've, should've, would've, might've.......
    2) He did what was "popular", not what was "right".
    3) If only Ross Perot had minded his own business back in 1992. If only......:(
  4. And greenspan still believes in a credit society

    I would argue that he is the biggest reason for our current situation
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    Right did you hear him on that CNBC feature 'House of Cards' over the weekend. What a joke!

  6. I seen that and wondered if he really believe it. How can he?

    I do remember 6 months ago or so on Cspan infront of a congressional hearing he said
    something to the effect that he made a mistake. I will try to find a youtube link
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    That was a great show. Some real good interviews. Faber was great and i usually dont praise him. Greenspan said if he stepped in earlier the stock market would of never boomed, the real estae would of never boomed and unemployment would be over 10%. He also believes sometime down the road he will be having the same conversation again about something else.
  8. When you gotta wife who's one of the best Cattle futures traders alive then why rock the derivatives boat......
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    Right, that is how they ended the show.. Basically with him saying these problems were caused by an inherent flaw in human nature. Maybe we should all just jump out a window!

    And yes, I did see that congressional tape where Greenspan said he made mistakes.
  10. Too many fail to understand that this is ALL ABOUT the frailty of human nature and how it relates to risk, yield, liquidity, value, self-worth, ego, needs, wants, globalization, competition, underfunded mandates etc -it's those who are too shallow to grasp the all out study of psychology in decision making who need to jump out of windows.
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