Bill Clinton has a statue in Kosovo

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    The world truly loved this man: Bill Clinton.
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    Is Monica Lewinsky kneeling at the foot of it?

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    Now that Obama is failing dismally the libtards are regressing towards Clinton-worship once again. Watch them try to push Hillary into a primary run. I hope she does, the party of every incumbent in US history that has had a primary challenger has failed to hold the Whitehouse. Hillary knows it too.
  4. In the other thread you admit to thinking about Obamas penis and your first thoughts of a Clinton statue is him getting a blow job :confused:
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    Can you imagine Obama's complete and utter embarrassment at a Democratic challenger? That alone would be worth it for me to see the Hildabeast throw her <s>hat</s> fat ass in the ring.
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    Yep :D

    But I don't think it would be Hillary. She would be ultimately called a racist and she knows that she wouldn't win the General if history held true going forward.

    Nobody wants to challenge the "first black President" for obvious reasons.

    I never really thought Hillary was qualified anyway. A couple of years in the Senate and fucking the President didn't seem to me to qualify someone to lead 400 million people. Now she has had some time as Sect. of State but what has she accomplished?

    Libya near civil-war.
    Egypt gone theocratic.
    Iran's brutal suppression of uprising unopposed.
    Syria's brutal suppression of uprising unopposed.
    Lebanon's budding democracy crushed with no opposition.
    Massive famine in Somalia without much aid being offered.
    Iran's development of nuclear weapons.
    Russia regressing towards dictatorship.
    Europe near economic collapse.

    What has Hillary done besides travel the world looking fat, stupid and pompous?
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    Pretty much the same as Obama has done. Travel the world looking <s>fat</s> skinny, stupid and pompous.
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  9. So who's that suppose to be?
  10. John Lenin...:cool:

    On the flip side.

    Tony Blair has nine children named after him in Kosovo
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