Bill Clinton chief liar lies again.

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  1. Classic Freudian slip?

    Hello there... the chimp boy is the prez now.

    Slick Willy is now an ex prez. Perhaps you meant save his presidential legacy?
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  2. Ah no. Bush's legacy is already written pretty much as a disaster, Clinton's legacy is now one of becoming a hero to the person who did nothing to address the biggest problem of our time and is now having tantrums because the truth is coming out.

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  3. Partial

    Hope your trading hit rate is better than your news discernment[50%]

    1]Israeli intelligence caught Iraq sending WMD into Syria

    2] Sec O Neill is wrong or blind as a bat:cool: ;
    S. Hussein used WMD on his own people .Hello

    3]WMD were found during Bush Sr war on Iraq;
    hope your trading % hit rate is better than your emotional news comments

    4] Also WMD wasnt the only reasons for war in Iraq,
    its helping Israel AND war on terrror,
    both ,mentioned by Bush pre Iraq war

    Thank you for your comments:p
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  4. Show me the proof that Israel caught Iraq sending WMD into Syria.

    You know, evidence, not blind belief...

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  5. It proves that you can't read...

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  6. All it proves is he's a career liar and you will believe any half truth he spits out of his pie hole. That's what it means.

    Clinton had years to act and did next to nothing, give me a break stop making excuses for him.

    Until we hold our politicians accountable nothing will ever change, there are far too many apologists like z10 out there.

    You are just a clinton rumpswab.
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  7. You have evidence that he is lying?

    "Until we hold our politicians accountable..."

    If you would pull your tongue out of GW's bunghole, maybe you would see that your position as a Bush apologist is untenable...

    5 years now, no Bin Laden...

    Yet, you focus on Clinton.

    You have a very diseased mind, 4 sure...

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  8. Yes, I do have proof he's a liar.

    CLINTON: But at least I tried. That’s the difference in me and some, including all the right wingers who are attacking me now. They ridiculed me for trying. They had eight months to try and they didn’t….. I tired. So I tried and failed. When I failed I left a comprehensive anti-terror strategy and the best guy in the country, Dick Clarke… So you did FOX’s bidding on this show. You did you nice little conservative hit job on me. But what I want to know..

    "When Sudanese officials claimed late last year that Washington had spurned Bin Laden's secret extradition from Khartoum in 1996, former White House officials said they had no recollection of the offer. Senior sources in the former administration now confirm that it was true."

    "PRESIDENT Bill Clinton turned down at least three offers involving foreign governments to help to seize Osama Bin Laden after he was identified as a terrorist who was threatening America, according to sources in Washington and the Middle East. "

    So slick willy in his own words "I tired. So I tried and failed". But sadly in 1996 after the Sudanese government offered bin laden to him he said no.

    Good effort billy boy. Apparently he's having a little trouble remembering the timeline of all his lies. Too bad Sandy Berger can't shove this story down his pants isn't it???
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  9. Please do not confuse the chickenshit neocons with the average American. The chickenshit neocons shit in their pants whenever there any sign of danger and would rather sacrifice their freedom than risk anything to enjoy it. chimpboy takes advantage of these cowards and instead of cussing them, you should take pity on them. They are indeed scared beings.
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  10. Clinton was a disgrace to this nation and to the world.
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