Bill Cara on dysfunctional markets

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  1. Those of you who PM me and say how brave and wonderful I am, thank you. Now, do something. If you extract your livings from this sewer called, illogically, the "equity" markets, it's time for you to step up and say your piece. Cara gives you the tools right here:

    By the way, Patchie uncovered the pump Spongetech, and blew the whistle. If you've been watching the playoff games, they have signage in the outfields at Yankee Stadium, and I believe Phillies park.

    PS. I fully expect a few of you who continually scam the rest to step up and bash me, as 50 who agree with stay silent. So you fifty, send the emails. Because the violence will come if these idiots don't stop the idiocy.
  2. unclear what you are trying to accomplish here. It is basically a link and a ramble...
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    Democrats have to just man up [and Pelosi up] and regulate... We had good basic regulation in place from FDR's time until the Reagan era. If Democrats are in complete charge of the Federal Government and they let this opportunity to reregulate slip through their fingers.... well aren't they nothing worth voting for? Of course Obama was able to formulate a policy on Marijuana before he could get on the same page as the Military guys that run the Afghanistan thingy.. what a limp d%^k that guy is... that doesn't show leadership, not the FDR kind anyhow..

    If they do nothing, then Will Rogers was right when he said "We have the best politicians that money can buy"
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    funny you mentioned this as one of my neighbors is a crook who has never made a legitimate dime in the markets.....he talked up this co all summer
  5. We were only able to regulate during FDR's time because of Mellon's prior "liquidate everything" policy under Hoover.
    That brought the banks to their knees - and cleaned out a lot of rot - and that ultimately gave FDR the power to do something.

    The banks and hedge funds were prepared this time around. Like Hezbollah terrorists in a busy cafe with explosives tied around themselves and threatening the country, they got what they wanted this time, and now are too strong to regulate.

    Let this rotten system self implode on its own. Only then will real regulation be possible. Phone calls, emails and faxes mean nothing - we already tried that with TARP - that got us nowhere.

    Voting for the *other* party means nothing too.

    Just sit back, and look after yourself. Yes, I am advocating a do nothing policy. And if I even bother voting, I'll vote third parties.