Bill Barrett - anyone heard of him or use his system?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by reggie808, Jan 10, 2010.

  1. reggie808


    Has anyone heard of Bill Barrett? His website is I've watched the videos and am really impressed, if it's all real. Comments?
  2. No serious trader would have this type of website ....
  3. clacy


    :D This site gives no info and immediately requires your email.

    I'd have to agree that no serious trader would need to close so hard for your email.
  4. :D

    $1.99 standard "get rich quick website website template" from someone living in Turkmenistan...

    Looks like a list-building scam.
  5. He has a propensity to over simplify things also, I swear I saw "sim" (simulator) on his platform in some of his videos
  6. GiantDog


    Looks like he brackets consolidations right before news reports come out and then gets out on the first candle that goes against him. He is about to charge 250 fools on Friday for this sophisticated information. He also has a stock course out that trades 5-min line charts taking breakouts after pullbacks. If this guy was making 30K+ on a trade he wouldn't need to be putting out these courses. He probably doesn't even really trade at all. I doubt if he gets up at 3:30am to trade reports in Hawaii. He spends too much time on making videos and putting out courses.
  7. you're right, there is not enough time for him to trade, he also says he golfs alot and goes to the beach. LOL. You're also right about his bracketing.... if you get a chance, look at his videos to see he is paper trading, then claims he's making thousands on a trade
  8. LOL, this is non-stop comedy, now I listening to their fre webinar as I type. They are discussing their PingPong, Boomerang, and Seahawk strategies.
  9. pspr


    WOW!!! With system names like that are you guys sure he isn't an honest to goodness real trading guru? :p
  10. AK100


    Snake oil salesmen for sure.

    No doubt plenty of fools will sign up, all thinking they can get rich easy and quick.
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