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Discussion in 'Options' started by Casso, May 19, 2004.

  1. Casso


    Do anayone have experience regarding the services they offer and the returns posted ?

    Thank you
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    Read him also thru;
    still like his well tested research & BIG Trends book.

    Wouldnt want anyone's research , however helpful,
    to substitute for my own even Rich Dennis research .

    Interesting was studying Rich Dennis /Jack Schwager interview yesterday;
    & that last point was actually made there also.

    It is the glory of kings to search out a matter
    Solomon, trader king:cool:
  3. I sent them an email a few days ago about a few of their services, but did not get a response. That is a red flag to me. No published track record on any service is another - like they say, if it was good they would show it.
  4. Jmiguel



    Subscribed several years ago, right before his book came out, and experienced some heavy drawdowns and a large string of successive losers...

    You can probably do better by scalping against his calls since his following is so huge you can basically see the orders hit the market and move prices...

    Then they only hype the 1 or 2 baggers that came after some serious drawdowns which get downplayed.

    If you pick his calls then you are gambling, best to develop your own edge...

  5. Another thing we can safely say about Big Trends/Price Headly;
    if he did err, like us & IBD the error may be on the overwork , over research rather than laziness:cool:


    Generally a book like his gives one the best risk/reward ratio;
    some rich points so to speak also came thru Active Trader April 2001

    a] 10 year test of the old [different] VIX /OEX strategy;
    course the past doesnt promise the future on this

    b]Long & short test on 1 contract OEX @$104.89, time1-2--1990-1-16-2001; dont have time to check if included slippage & commissions , =482%, on maximum of 1 contract.

    c-d] A few discretionary comments;

    probably be less % gain if more than 1 contract traded- invested,

    34% profitable, all trades
    max intraday drawdown=100%,
    may or may not have real time 100%max intraday drawdown.

    Wisdom is the principle thing.
    Solomon, trader king