Bigs want to put an end to technical trading

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    They don't like technical traders...

    In the examples above, we were imagining that the investor held the stock for several years, as the corporation's income was taxed each year. As a result, the profit on capital gains should not also be taxed. But what if an investor holds the stock for only days, hours, or even minutes? Now it could make sense to tax the gain. In this case, the investment is speculation, which shouldn't receive the same benefit as investing that contributes to a firms' long-term capital position. Indeed, such short-term capital gains aren't really subject to the corporate income in the same way as long-term gains.

    it could also make sense to tax short-term gains, because this isn't really the sort of investing the market should want to encourage by providing an ultra-low tax rate. The stock trading game is getting out of hand, so taxing short-term gains -- like those for stocks held less than one year -- at a higher rate could help to discourage excessive trading. Short-term gains are already taxed at a somewhat higher rate than long-term gains, but Buffett is right to imply that they should be taxed like regular income.
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    Just to be clear: Short-term gains are currently taxed at the same rate as regular income. The IRS considers short-term gains (in securities but not in futures) to "miscellaneous unearned income".
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    who would sell the charade if the market just climbed from 670 to 1370 in 3 months,and how would goldie profit,from jp,citadel,they are sharing our losses on the way up and down,without us ,there is no shill to take,they won't tax us differently,they are dc
  4. Oh that's just great. This guy is complaining because traders are not value investors.

    Well if the mkt is full of value investors, who's gonna buy his stock when the P/E hits his target?
  5. and as far as cap gains goes, I made about $8.00 an hour my first year scalping ES. If it wasn't for the favorable futures tax staus I enjoyed, I probably would have had to quit and become a productive member of society.
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    More foaming at the mouth shite.
  7. And this is why China is taking over the world economy. Because its citizens actually do productive work.
  8. Yes. They do productive work like construction.
  9. Despite what the wannabe full-time traders on ET might make you think, only a tiny fraction of the U.S. population makes significant money in the markets. Our problem has nothing to do with "too many traders" living off the markets and not doing "productive work."

    Gov't dole junkies not doing productive work are another story, though.
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    And they just had a huge industrial boom and were able to undercut the west, lets not that that minor fact out shall we.
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