Bigotry, Mental Illness, & Doubting the American Dream

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    Bigotry, Mental Illness, & Doubting the American Dream
    May 27, 2008
    "He's called [Black people] 'niggers' before"...
    --Frank Roque's daughter

    "Patriot" "American" bigot kills Sikh on September 15, 2001. His name was Balbir Singh Sodhi, the US's first casualty of 9/11 anti-Arab, anti-turban, anti-brown-person hysteria.

    These "Patriot" "American" people make the American Dream — whatever that's supposed to be — into a nightmare. I remember hearing that Sikh men were being begged to take off their turbans in the wake of the murder.

    Not surprisingly, they are the same old Save Our State, VDARE, American Patrol, American Renaissance, Peter Brimelow worshipping H-1B. Info anti-India crowd, still blubbering that "Indians" are stealing "their" jobs. Frank Roque still blames the television for showing 9/11 footage and making him go out and kill, 4 days later.

    Seven years later, there's a documentary on the family and the incident.

    Prejudice IS mental illness.

    A Dream In Doubt PBS.
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    NRISoft - The Un-Sweatshop!

    Date: Wednesday, May 21, 2008 2:46 AM

    <<<<< JOB DESTRUCTION NEWSLETTER No. 1869 -- 5/21/2008 >>>>>

    On the home page of NRISoft they boast that they are an alternative to working
    for H-1b sweat shops and H1b body shops. Well it's always nice to have an
    alternative to indentured servitude and exploitation, if they really offer it.

    They even quote Norman Matloff on prevailing wages. When I saw that I couldn't
    help but think of those TV advertisements that claim their drug is
    "recommended by doctors". That's quite clever and could be the first time a
    bodyshop has said something positive about Matloff, but of course they claim
    they are an un-sweatshop, which might also make them an unbodyshop.
    Matloff advocates that the prevailing salary regulations should be changed in
    order to reduce the loopholes, so what better person to quote?

    I'm not sure what this means from their FAQs page, and I have read it several
    times. Maybe something was lost in the translation.

    War on Sweat Shops and Body Shops! Is NRISoft fighting this war?
    No, NRISoft is not fighting the war against exploitation.
    NRISoft is just a weapon.

    NRISoft claims they are against exploitation, which is good, but they seem to
    have no qualms about discriminating against everyone but Indian nationals.
    Case in point from the FAQs page:

    NRISoft is taking applications from professionals holding H1b visa
    status. We predominantly serve the H1b community. Although we do
    accept professionals with greencard and American citizenship.

    NRISoft states that they accept applications from Americans, but they never
    claim that Americans are hired. How many US citizens do you think are on their

    NRISoft gets more specific about what type of foreigner they are looking for
    on their "about us" page. After a list of companies they contract to, such as
    Apple, HP, IBM, Motorola, Sun, etc. they drop the real bomb -- they only want
    to hire Indian nationals. This probably means that H-1Bs from other countries
    are about as welcome as US citizens. Just guessing but I'll bet that NRI is an
    acronym for "non resident Indian".

    NRISoft is formed to help non resident Indians on H1b visa status
    to market themselves and get paid at going rate in the United

    iGate/Mastech recently was fined $45,000 for advertising that was no more
    blatant. The fine was a tiny tap on the wrist but you would think it would
    make other bodyshops hesitate. The message doesn't seem to be getting through
    to NRISoft, but maybe that's because they are an unsweatshop unbodyshop.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: The quotes from the NRISoft website were copied slightly
    before this newsletter was published. Don't assume that the contents of their
    pages will remain the same by the time you go there.

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    Support this Newsletter and by donating: NRISoft - The Un-Sweatshop!.htm
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    India raises voice for ‘real’ access in services sector
    Economy Bureau
    Posted online: Wednesday, May 28, 2008 at 2209 hrs IST

    New Delhi , May 27 India on Tuesday reiterated its pitch for more ‘real’ market access in the services sector, particularly in outsourcing and movement of natural persons or service suppliers, in the developed country Markets while saying that it was unlikely to offer any commitment on the opening up of its legal services sector at the Doha Round negotiations of the World Trade Organisation.

    Reacting to the release of a report by the Chair of the WTO services negotiations on the elements required for the completion talks, commerce secretary GK Pillai said there was very little on offer regarding topics of interest to India. Pillai was specifically referring to services under Mode 1 (supplied from one country to another like BPOs, officially known as ‘cross-border supply’) and Mode 4 (individuals traveling to supply services in another like fashion models, consultants or software professionals--officially ‘presence of natural persons’) of the General Agreement on Trade in Services.

    The commerce secretary added that it was important that developed countries open up their market to India in these two modes in the literal sense of the term by removing their domestic regulations. “We are not asking for immigration or H1B visas, but we are asking for short-term work or service visas,” he said.

    Once a company in India wins a contract from a company situated abroad, it was not proper for that country to deny visas to the workers of the company on the basis of some domestic regulations. “In services trade, it is not the sovereign right of countries to deny short-term visas to contractual service providers from another country,” he said. “If they have any reservation on granting visas, they should make it clear before the signing of the contract and not afterwards,” he said.

    The developed countries overtly say that they have opened up their Markets, but beneath it they have a lot of domestic regulations that prevent other countries from gaining access to their Markets, he pointed out. India has been saying that talks on services at WTO have so far have focused mainly on services like retail and banking and on select sectors of interest mainly to the developed countries.

    Pillai said there would soon be a ministers’ signaling conference on services that would give an indication as to which all countries are willing to provide market access in different service sectors. The final offers on services will be placed in August, he...