BigHandleValues - where to find them...

Discussion in 'Strategy Building' started by andrasnm, Oct 21, 2003.

  1. I have finished with one applicaton to back test the PGO on a portfolio using .NET.
    I need a simple formula to compute win loss on different contracts I have the tick value - i.e. some refer as the point value in dollars for each but the handle is different for each commodity I suppose most have 100 points in a handle so is there a way to compute some algorithm from the MINIMUM FLUCTUATION and POINT VALUE what the big handle value i.e. 1.0 move equals?
    Right now I just multiply the points gained/loss with the POINT VALUE and a 100 it works for most but I am afraid the bonds and some others may yield an error. Any ideas?
    Say I have 0.75 gain in crude (I know the big handle (1.0 is $1000)
    the point value = 10.0
    and the min fluct = .01
    I just use the point value but there must be a better way to figure out the P/L for a multitude of contracts.