Biggest transfer of wealth in US in US history!

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    Has the US ever or the FED ever done this kind of intervention in the free markets?

    The fact is that the people who are already wealthy wall street hedgefunds like buffet soros etc are the ones who ultimately benefit from rising asset prices.

    foreign and domestic investors are dumping their USD if they can if the FED is going to devalue the currency..i mean why own USD ? people who bought pound euro cad made a fortune.

    I don't like the idea the FED is printing money and giving it to billionaires while billionaires in wall street don't pay any tax,,with tax shelters in charities and offshore bermuda income tax.

    The biggest losers will be people who save money and have 100% of wealth in fix income and those are the ones who are poor. Rich people don't have any cash. Rich people are in debt an don't have cash rich people pay 1% interest and poor people pay 5% interest..

    if the FED is doing the zimbawe thing than the hell with FED...the freeloaders is wall street you think the stock market would be here without FED buy t-bills anj stocks in the open market than you've got another coming.

    retail investors are dumping their mutual funds cause they are broke

    the fact is that banks don't eough cash because people are not saving cash..they have no cash to save. municipalities can't print cash. only the fed can print cash this printing of cash just makes oil and ultimately gas's so expensive to drive manu people are selling their vans and not going shopping with theirs cars. there is no shortage of oil..or peak oil.

    even central bank after spending 4 billion in yen to buy USD can't end the death spiral of the USD...the FED or someone wants to dump their USD in the open market.

    disclosure: I long the USD for a trade temporarily and will bail if the USD doesn't hold goes to death spiral.

    only wall street get 1% interest.
    all the newly printed cash stays in wall street and never leaves here.

    main street doesn't see a dime of that newly printed cash only higher prices at the pump etc.

    printing money doesn't create wealth or create jobs if it did eveybody would be doing it. it merely transfer wealth from savers to debtors. the guy who saves moneys is the loser and the debtor is the winner. gov't is not in the business of determing losers and winners in the economy or in the business of transferring wealth(state theft)(making counterfeit money) illegal if anyone else does... .