biggest squeeze on the board

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by stock777, Jul 14, 2011.

  1. bet none of you know which stock
  2. Marin88


    so tell us
  3. thats what i mean

    the sky is blue, water is wet. if you cant figure it out , this is the wrong game 4 ya
  4. Illum


    I'll guess. Hes. If they find no damage from a 1 hr fire with no spill it brings relief from a strong sell off. But market negative, oil getting slammed, I'm not getting long it.

    Or he means Crox. Plastic shoes are awesome
  5. Illum


    Look at the U formations in corn and wheat. Bonds are garbage. TBT was a nice buy I chickend on this morning.
  6. Marin88


    i'm wearing shorts today and it's looking nice
  7. But of COURSE you called it on stocktwits beforehand right? :p

  8. stock777, i hope you are ok

  9. moved to chit chat = never tell now
  10. its GOOG now
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