Biggest Squeeze in history is looming

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  1. This next run up is it. It will be a move so directional, so long lasting--it will literally knock a number of bear blogs off the internet. I didn't see bear sentiment this thick during the march 2009 lows

    find me one blog or analyst that isnt bearish or cautious over the last 2 weeks.

    This oil leak is not being properly reported or fixed. Combined with escalating korean and Iran geopolitical tension--we WILL see oil return to 110 or above..

    There is absolutely no way in Hell we don't at least retest dow 12k or above, if an oil squeeze occurs. Virtually every XLB XLB MOO component will have a vicious squeeze.

    Clean tech, food, and Bric nations will lead this next run up. When speculators realize that this oil situation will lead to a PERMANENT freeze in offshore drill expansion--they will pounce. The fact that the euro is about to squeeze to 1.40-ish will only worsen the situation
  2. Would have to be a pretty darned big squeeze to exceed July 2009-April 2010.
  3. good dream, i like it, sadly you don't look at price action, just thinking of things won't make price go up dood.
  4. Keep in mind that the media always makes things seem worse than they actually are. Read Jesse Livermore's Reminiscience of a Stock Operator, where he tells the reader how figures he'd made were blown out of proportions by the time it had reached the public through the newspapers.

    A ship spills half a gallon of oil into the ocean, the media will report ten times that much...
  5. i agree. we'll probly be mixed friday with a couple big days next week, but it will be a while b4 we get to 12k. weeks at the least if not months
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    i highly doubt the euro will go a way..

    these countries need the euro to stabilize and strengthen their currencies.

    all these small european countries have too small economies and want stronger currency and was the main reason for the creation of the euro or european union.. and strong currency has less inflation gets lower borrowing cost. and higher standards of living.

    in the future, it's possible to have one currency for the entire globe...the USD is acting like the foreign reserve currency but other currencies don't like the US deficits and debt situtaion and printing of money by the FED printing money devalues the currency---just more money supply etc.

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    As long as we don't break and hold under the low of the flash crash then your 100% right. If we break and hold under that level, look out below.
  8. The last time that happened, it triggered a global economic collapse. I would expect no different if it happens again anytime soon.
  9. I'm usually pretty bullish, but I'm not sure how we get to 12K or even back to 11K for a while - people right now are afraid to buy stocks often at 25-40% off what they were just a few weeks ago - what will make them pony up the higher price to get in again?

    I agree bearish sentiment seems to be everywhere, but now it is actually working as a trade as well, as no one really seems to be willing to step in and buy.

  10. i'm ready to buy. the question is what sector or industry is poised to run up?

    maybe consumer goods:confused:
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