Biggest short squeezes since 1990

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  1. I was chatting with a friend about the biggest short squeezes i've witnessed and realized that I am getting old as I forgot a few. The following names I remember. Please help me and post the names of the companies that i've missed and their respective tickers. Thanks!

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  3. RMBS early 2000

    The all time greatest- VRML

    Was VRMLQ at the time (Sept 2009) trading bulletin board at .04

    Company was basically bankrupt and got a massive FDA approval which sent the stock to $34 in six months.

    Check out the chart. Absolutely incredible.
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    krispy kreme
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    I own a couple stocks with nearly 50% float held short, hope to see some of those amazing squeezes you all remember

    What these all have in common is an obvious but early short story.
  7. Thanks Satchel. TASR was one for the ages!

    I remember an internet "company" around 2001 that had a static web page that did not move or take you to any other web pages. It simply pledged to match buyers and sellers and said "coming soon". The stock had a $500M valuation at one point before crashing. The owners had a shady reputation and did not live in the US. Does anyone remember the name of this stock?
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    tasr, lhsp(f) are two that come to mind.

    also you can find a ton of stocks from the internet age (ie. cmrc, cmgi, etc.) which basically ran a ton and ran back down a ton.
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