Biggest scams that people fall for

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  1. The snuggie which is basically just an oversized robe that you wear backwards. And people really fall for it. How do they not see its the same thing as the robe they have in the closet just a larger size?

    Or worse yet...Shamwow! Its a towel, people! They fool the masses by comparing it to paper towels, but its really just a regular old towel. They try to sell you that you spend 20 dollars on paper towels per month, but who will wipe their mouth with a shamwow after they eat? Its about as logical as having your bath towel at the table to wipe your mouth.

    And dont even get me started on these ab machine scams. $120 to get you to do situps.

    Do you know any others?
  2. Neckline slimmer

    The funny thing is that there is a reality show in Canada where people pitch ideas, and if it works these venture caspitalists throw down cash to be a part of the business, this thing came on this show and all these multi millionaires said it was the most retarded thing ever then next week it is on an infomercial, and people apparently are dumb enough to buy it. ahahahahaha:D
  3. HAHA, and if you look at the before & after pics, you can tell the people are lowering their chins in the before pic to exaggerate how bad their neckline is and then just sticking their chins out a little further in the after pic.

    Kind of like the abrocker too where the people are pushing out their belly in the before pic then sucking it in on the after pic.
  4. I tried to dig up the clip, the t.v. show where people pitch the ideas is called "dragons den" None of them would pitch money for the idea as They all knew how retarded this thing was as you can not "tone" away excess skin on your neck by doing "neck pushups" I would say it is safe to say they underestimated the stupidity of the average consumer:D

    It is exactly like the abrocker or the bowflex where apparently through 20 minutes a day you can become HEMAN:D
  5. maxpi


    I knew a guy that had a bowflex, the guy built up so much I didn't recognize him.. I doubt he was putting more than 20-30 mins a day into it.... I have some free weights here and I can do two sets of curls and overhead lifts [I combine them] in just a couple of minutes...

    People fall for scams though. Most, if not all, confidence games work because people think they are going to get some money.. one is called the Pigeon Drop, two gals will say they found a wallet with a lot of money but they need somebody with a bank account and then after awhile you are stuck with a wallet full of newspaper or something and they have your cash... it's pretty funny really if you think of it as just a practical joke...
  6. Better list all the trading scams out there too...

    Traders International
    Traders Zoo
    Nison the referral whore
    Price Headley
    Trade the markets


    to name a few that are out there.
  7. Spray on hair


  8. Duty Free

    "The biggest sucker deal in retail." George Costanza
  9. Yeah, but those types of scams only work on dishonest people. There is a saying that you cant cheat an honest man.

    A better one i saw was a guy walks into a restaurant and is talking on his cell phone. He is talking loud enough for everyone to hear. The conversation is him talking to his friend asking him to bring him 60 bucks because some person at the flea market down the street is selling this rare plate worth a minimum of 1000 dollars because thats what he saw someone on ebay selling it for and the seller must not know its worth that much. The guy on his cell phone then tells the guy the number of the booth of where the person is selling the plate. The people that heard this in the restaurant make a quick hurry to go buy that plate at the flea market and pay 60 dollars for the plate and then they leave. The plate is really only worth 3 dollars though as the guy on the cell phone and the person at the booth are in cahoots together. After the buyers leave, they put up another plate that looks exactly the same. They do this all day and find an endless supply of people to buy this plate.
  10. I got couple of those which cost you much more than $ 120

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