biggest prop/con job in market history

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  1. Before I get flamed, I want to say that I don't trade equities but watch them everyday. (24 years futures trading experience) I believe my stance is objective.

    It appears to me that what is taking place in the U.S. stock market today and for the last several weeks is the biggest prop/con job in market history.

    It should be apparent to anyone with even a modicum of trading experience that "they/wall st./gov't forces" are manipulating the price action in the U.S. stock market. I personally don't care whether equities go up or down but recent price action is a con being perpetuated on the public to keep them from panic selling because if that happens, the gig is REALLY OVER!!

    As everyone gets their 401k quarterly they will not like what they see but they are "scared money" listening with hope that this is the worst of it. Well, we all know "scared money" loses in the end and this time will be no different. And this definately is not the end of this.
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    If you're a trader, why do you care about manipulation and if the markets are being propped up?
  3. Cries of manipulation are often accompanied by losses.
  4. so short it.
  5. I care only to the basis that free markets are a price discovery mechanism and when some within the markets (insiders/investment banks etc) do not "allow" the reality of the facts to take place, it is again a fleecing of the public. The way this is transpiring in "slow-motion" with every dip being bought is an attempt to fool the public.

    What do you think I-banks are doing with all this FED cash? propping up the market.

    I don't care personally because I can recognize what is happening but others are being fooled. I would neither buy real estate or stocks right now, even with your money.

    Soon the calls to buy with everything you have will be coming because, "its' all over, it's safe/time to buy". This mantra will be spread ad nausem very soon.
  6. I think there will be a better price point to short it than at these prices
  7. markets dont trade on "the reality of the facts". they trade on the preception of the future. it could be totally wrong about that future but its last data point was positive in the markets eyes.
  8. I don't have any loses in stocks or real estate. I said I don't trade stocks, don't own a single one. I sold real estate a couple years ago and am sitting on the sideline as far as those markets go.

    So the usual cries of manipulation due to loses does not apply in this instance.
  9. ok, perception of the future. I quess I am saying that this rally in equities in my opinion will not be the perception of the future the public is being sold, as usual.
  10. and you could be right. it is our job to make those decisions and put on a trade that will profit from our insite.
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