Biggest problem with the ES

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by ChkitOut, Apr 1, 2010.

  1. Tick size is too big. should be a penny

    Too thick on the bid and offer.

    Low volatility as its an index of 500 stocks.

    And thats my final answer. :cool:
  2. then make the TF (miniRussell2000) your solution
  3. No problem with the ES , if its too much for you to handle then maybe you should find something else to trade, like marbles :D
  4. i do trade other securities.

    i'm just sayin
  5. I used to love marbles as a kid. They always looked way cool.
  6. I got no problem with the ES either, good as is.
  7. Baywolf


    The CME isn't going to change anything soon. If they make the ES anymore granular, it will destroy whatever is left of the SP500 pit.
  8. traderrn


    Leave the ES alone. Some of us like it just the way it is :)