Biggest monitor to fit into a 46 x 34"-wide space?

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    All right, hardware gurus! I am setting up a spot to work from home. My standing desk is a box that is 42" tall and 34" wide and I would like to fit the largest monitor possible into that space. What are my options?
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    How bout this?

    Or maybe you could get this and mount it vertically?

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    The idea of taking a big one and mounting it vertically is pretty interesting, actually. The curved one is actually what I use at work which makes it convenient to use remote desktop, too.
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  6. Get a new home.
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  7. Large computer monitors and TV's are kind of only need so much size.
    I mean you're only less than two feet away from your screen.

    I have a cliche theory...the larger (and/or more) the screen size is for the trader and his desk setup are...the smaller his penis and account size and skill and confidence and profitability are.

    I trade using just one 14" laptop. -- and I would challenge any other compare profitability statements. Specially one's with desks that have 5+ computer monitors mounted on them all over the place like some kind of growing organism.

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    There's a reason serious traders have multiple monitors. Take it from me...Having just one small monitor just doesn't cut it. I WISH I had the physical real-estate to have a few more monitors, or one very very large one. It would help me tremendously.
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    I fell for the whole extra-wide curved monitor myself and got one for myself at work. Not worth it.

    When I work from home I mostly write code or something else research-oriented, so I do need the extra real estate.

    It's not an issue of space, actually. I have a little domestic monster (well, I have several, but the cat is the culprit in this case) who tends to jump on the tables and throw things off. It's her idea of fun. To combat that particular feline habit, I bought a desk that looks (and functions) like a closet.
  10. I could suggest solution for that ... but in the Xmas spirit I will refrain lol.

    Well other than to say I treat what I do seriously. Nothing and I mean nothing is allowed to get in the way. No body, no animals no nothing.
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