Biggest losers should be biggest gainers in Jan

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    Notice how NFLX, RIMM, BAC, CSCO, F, TRID, GS, STP and many more well known underperforming stocks of 2011 outperformed all major indexes today. Stocks like these should outperform the market throughout at least the first couple weeks of the new year.
  2. Care to elaborate on why you think it will outperform. You also seem pretty convinced it will be an up first couple of weeks, what happens if the market sells off the first couple of week, will these stocks still outperform or do worse you think?
  3. There is actually "some" truth to the Year Enders as we call them. Based on tax selling in Nov and Dec, and repurchase in January due to Wash Sale rules. Many traders make these plays, starting in November.

    In this case, we really did just have a big up day, we'll see how it pans out.


  4. More like the first (7) days stemming from ax's disposal of inventory acquired from tax selling.

    Don't stay at the party too long.
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    oops, scratch TRID off that list, this pos will definitely be underperforming the market. glad I never touched this one.
  6. It's ticker symbol should be "TURD". It is available. :D :p :cool:
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    as per the companies i mentioned earlier...previous week close-this past fridays prices.

    NFLX 6930-8629 RIMM 1434-1534 BAC 546-618 CSCO 1825-1892
    F1068-1171 TRID .19-.08 GS 9101-9342 STP 2.12-230

    besides for TRID all of these dogs of 2011 had a pretty good above average start to the year. TRID itself making somewhat of a comeback from a low of .06 to .09, besides that i believe this list will continue to outperform for now. let me add... MGM, GM(which had a great week, 20.21-22.92) AA, and montreals very own BBD.B (tsx) 3.96-4.16

    126.12-127.71..bit over one % on the spy for the week
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    you are right I am quite convinced we will rise through january, should i be wrong these stocks will most likely perform nearly as bad, or worse as everything else.
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    this symbol does not fit in with the others, why you ask? it has been on nearly a 6 year decline into oblivion. It is polluting my list, as they filed for bankruptcy on wednesday it would go to 0, entropic comm is offering 55mil for intellectual property, i don't know who that money goes to first in the event of a bankruptcy but i doubt it will translate much for shareholders unless more bidders come for their shitty cheap microchips.
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    Previous weeks close until this last Fridays close, marking the first 2 week anniverary of these stocks outperforming and making me half right.

    NFlX-86.29-94.38 RIMM 1534-1617 BAC 6.18-6.61 CSCO 18.92-19.06
    F11.71-12.04 TRID .08-.15 GS 93.42-98.96 STP230-2.96

    and the ones added a week ago.
    mgm 12.35 gm 24.29 aa 9.80 bbd.b 4.41

    market up less than a perecent this week. Wow

    to watch this week, nflx break through $97 watch for $103 to hit. IF GS through 101, 110 will not come too long after. On a side note, if this market gets hot and S&P goes back to 1330-1350 levels, no reason aapl cannot be trading at over $500 a share.

    Starting the week off on a Tuesday can only mean good things. Remember how it opened tuesday after this past thanksgiving, christmas and new years. twice as many buyers.

    enough speculation though, there are many unforeseeable events that can happen any day, and though the risk is priced into the market there can definitely be some short term downward swings on breaking news.
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