Biggest loser today

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  1. Ok all, this is a thread, where you can voice the reason why you feel you should be denounced as the "biggest loser today," Kind of like a reverse PNL thread, i think it holds value for people who want to avoid doing stupid shit, anyways......

    I will start, knew the fed move going in and got stopped out right off the bat today..... lost 3k on IMCL

    This makes me todays biggest loser.

  2. gkadir


    If you lose due to your brokers platform, does it count?
    Laser sucks big time
  3. lol hell yeah, that definately makes you a loser in my book..... (j/k man) i know the feeling i always would rather lose double to my own mistake than a shitty platform error, but this is the place to bitch from now on, so use it.:D
  4. -1,600 -14%

    What is my prize for 2nd place ?
  5. sorry to hear it bro, but what i reall want this thread to be is stories if you guys want me to dig out old ones i will. Trading is never about a number , i never feel bad interms of what i won or lossed i just feel bad about trading like an idiot.

    So today being stopped out before a fed move which i knew was the move which was coming 2 weeks in advance might make me the biggest loser, althought.... you 2 are up there....., hahahaha j/k doesnt it make ou feel good to alugh about screwups rather than pulling a TIMMAY "secret hedgefund move" and giving your fan the bicycle kick?
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    maybe I can claim first prize for today? I bled away 2700 euros very early today... Partly do to my system crashing and partly do to the fact that it was the open and couldn't pay attention to everything at once...

    lesson learned: don't try and do too much crap during the open...

    - mnx
  7. ok ctarmor, by the looks of things today, YOU ARE THE BIGGEST LOSER.....yaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh.......

    Tell him what he has won Jim......

    Well bob, today ctarmor has won a negative trading account, lol all jokes man hopefully you can have fun with it like i can, at some point you really quit caring about losers, anyways thx for the humility, hopefully tomorrow we have a thread with no contribution, thx for contributing.:D
  8. Lost $31,000 on an ES hedge against my short vol. Missed my 67.50 ES buy due to the kids flipping out from the nanny-no-show. [+100k on BSC]. ;)
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    Just further evidence that having children is a poor risk/reward propositi

    I kid.
  10. lol atticus, unfortunately i cannot ever lable you a loser, i am going to have to disqualify you for cheating........ but you definately won the money count...hmmmmm maybe we got to figure out standars for this thread so guys like you who are wannabe losers dont post :D :D :D

    hehe j/k thats a gooder, i dont know if kids can bug ya as much as a key stroke error, though.:D
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