Biggest lie in our century, brainwashing people into believing Pre-Emptive wars OK

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  1. Your next door neighbor has a right within his own private property to buy ten sniper rifles if he chooses to.
    And he especially has a right to buy 10 sniper rifles IF YOU ALREADY HAVE 200 sniper rifles. :/

    Iran has a right to build nukes because Israel already has them along with every great power.
    Now to make you really stop and think. They don't even have evidence Iran is building 1 sniper rifle (nuke)

    You don't have a right to stage a pre-emptive war just as you don't have a right to come to my house and punch me in the face because you supposedly believe that I will punch you first.

    LEGIT WAR is war of Defense, not Offense.

    If wars of Offense were legit, governments would not have to stage false flags

    If you stand for war with Iran, You stand against the United States economy, stability, peace, democracy, humanity, morality.
    I hope you warmongers believe in God, because it will be that much harder for you to face him when you meet him one day.

    Foolish atheists have a good excuse, they will tell God, holy crap we didn't know, What will you tell God for the deaths and suffering you advocated.

    Even worse, some people say God is a non nonsense kind a guy when it comes to profound evil. Your life is a test, are you failing right now ?
  2. You seem like a pleasnat enough guy but you need to rethink this issue.
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  4. wag the dog man, it's an election year
  5. No Americans will get killed if we drop a few bombs on Iran. Most Iranians are bad, I've seen them on TV. At least in America we love our children and don't want them to die.

    Thousands of Iraqi children have been bombed by Americans and they don't even launch a counter strike.

    You can be sure if anyone ever did that to an American we would at least blow up a couple of their best buildings (even if we had to hijack a few planes to do it.)
  6. Miles Moreland (emerging markets investor) of Blakeney Management: specialty, Africa and Middle East, quote from the book Hedgehogging.

    A few surprising comments about Iran. He is bullish on Iran. The only ME country that has western style elections. All citizens male and female have equal voting rights. It has an elected parliament. The population is young and dynamic and very interested in western culture. They clearly are chafing under the harsh dictums of the mullahs. There is a rudimentary stock exchange. Big country, aggressive people, evoving towards democratic capitalism.

    It is possible that a prosperous, progressive, democratic Shite bloc of 100 million people that includes Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan could become a counterbalance to the smaller Sunni gulf states.


    My comment. I believe the above to be true.

    The people are fine, Amagiahead is the problem.Imo, his trash talk is directed to the countries of the ME, not USA or Israel.But since we give him a news platform,then invite him to Columbia University, wtf is up with that?

    At any rate, last I heard Obama wants Israel to wait till after the election before taking action. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.
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    What if Iran nuked Israel or the US, calling it a pre-emptive strike? People will say Iran is the aggressor and a "rogue nation" but who is involved with 2 wars right now? The answer is not Iran.
    Objectivity, people just don't have it.
  8. do they allow you to trade with real money?
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    Who's "they"?
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