Biggest Joke On Wall St. Award:

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Frozen444, May 13, 2002.

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  1. I nominate (You're retiring? I hate you!).

    Honerable mentions include 'Split Xpress' (During the height of the bull market, they actually came out with a special pager, that would page you as soon as any stock announced a split. With this golden tidbit of information, you were supposed to run to a public phone and buy the stock to take advantage of this amzing opportunity.)

    Let's not forget anything Jake Bernstein has ever done, and Barton Biggs, who was ultra-bearish for like 10 years- until he turned bullish when the Nazz was at 3500. Great call there, Barton.

    I'm feeling very cynical today. Can anybody tell?
  2. Abby Cohen, on her call in Priceline, and the rest of her strong buys on the way down.....or even MER for selling the stock as a great performer and great buy, while emailing each other internally saying the stocks are crap...

    gota love the brokers
  3. Not at all; you're my kinda guy, frozen!
  4. My nomination goes to:

    Michael Mauboussin, chief investment strategist at Crédit Suisse First Boston, bet last fall that Enron (otc: ENRNQ - news - people ) would either stage a recovery or see a takeover premium from a proposed merger with Dynegy (nyse: DYN - news - people ). At the time, Enron shares traded at $12.

    Oh well...who knew?
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    WADE COOK, need I say more! :D
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    How about my buddy does business with a failing telecom company whose CEO sold 500 Mill in stock while leaving this guy's business with 50K in unpaid accounts receivable that are now protected by Chapter 11.

    Im beginning to think that being a good guy is not the way to do it.
  7. Ralph Acampora. He gets bullish at the top and bearish at the very bottom. That's why he is no longer on CNBC. (Although one can use him as the best contrarian indicator!). Last time he was on TV he was becoming bullish - at Nasdaq 5000. Nobody can beat him! LOL
  8. Tokyo Joe.....
  9. Must say though...the joke was on his customers while he laughed all the way to the bank....
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