Biggest interview in my life coming. help

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    Hi, I am turning 20 in August and have the biggest interview at a private equity firm in 3 days.
    How can I best prepare for the interview? I am not asking how to land one, I already have one.

    If you are wondering why it could be life-changing it's because my school recognizes this private equity firm as elite so they will take me in their investment management program for sure if i get in (only 10 kids get in) and once your in that you get access to the top canadian firms (CIBC, RBC, DUNDEE, ETC...ETC...).

    Basically I need to get this job.

    Here is a description, the job is with (NAME REMOVED by Uncle Ivan)
    Anyone know what their looking for?

    The specific tasks will include:
    - Review of portfolio company financial statements by aiding in the creation of an excel database;
    - Preparing financial models that include an IRR analysis; and
    - Preparing reports on specific target markets (e.g. market size, # of players, dynamics, recent M&A transactions).

    The general responsibilities will include:
    - qualification of potential investment opportunities;
    - Deal logging and tracking;
    - Due diligence and research support on prospective investments; and
    - Financial analysis.
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    Google 10 tips to ace an interview. Then have a good laugh because you probably already know that stuff. Relax, and focus on how best to do what no-one will tell you to do in a job interview - ask for the job!

  3. looks like a shitty me too quebec PE firm... Their portfolio is full of very low quality tech stuff and mediocre service/industrial businesses.

    Sounds like they need low cost / student labor to keep afloat.
  4. First thing, relax. Putting yourself in a state of mind that you "need" this job will do nothing but make you tense. You're only 20 years old. You have plenty of time to give yourself a heart attack. Calm down.

    Second: learn the difference between "their" and "they're." [Check your (no, not you're) original post and you'll see what I'm referring to.] I say this not to be critical, but to make you aware that attention to detail is critical for success in finance and investing.

    Good luck on your interview.

  5. bring some knee pads, and strawberry flavored lip gloss:D
  6. Confidence is what wins the interview. It ain't about whether or not they're going to hire you. It's about whether or not you're going to take the job when it's offered. Interview them!
  7. 2010, not 1997.
  8. along with the concept of how to manage multiple offers...
  9. lol!
  10. At the end look the interviewer in the eye and tell him/her you really want this job, be sincere and back it up with some substance. I know I can be an asset to your firm, etc. Good luck!
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