Biggest Idiot in the World

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  1. Post here the name of the person who you think is the biggest idiot in the world. I will start.

    My father is the BIGGEST IDIOT in the world.
  2. And you're disappointed being No. 2?
  3. Number 2 is Barack Obama.

    Number 3 to number 100 are other world leaders.

    Number 100 to Number 10,000 are world businessmen (Giant and medium).

    Number 10,001 to number 10,300 are elitetrader members who think Bearice is idiot and lunatic.
  4. I'm somewhere between 10,001 - 10,300.
  5. Lucrum


    For not pulling out of your mother sooner? I have to agree.

    Me too.
  6. Bwahahaha :D


  7. :D :D :D , this Bearice guy smells like rubberbird...
  8. Lucrum kid, one direct slap from Bearice and you will be dead instantly. Nobody can survive a direct hit from Bearice (God's rule/law).
  9. Myself
    Pontius Pilot
    Al Gore
    Jesse Jackson
    OJ Simpson
    A person that believes that they will die and retain their human lusts and be with virgins...
    Movie Stars with outspoken Political Opinions
    Those ladies on that talk show in the morning.
    My neighbors across the street

    I tried to rank these but it does not help...I always come out on top.

  10. Some great comebacks out there. Good work guys!!!!!:D
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