Biggest gun makers in the nation owned by private equity funds run by Wall Street

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    Wall Street, Invested in Firearms, Is Unlikely to Push for Reform

    "...It is often overlooked, but some of the biggest gun makers in the nation are owned by private equity funds run by Wall Street titans. The .223 Bushmaster semiautomatic rifle that was used on Friday by Adam Lanza to massacre 20 schoolchildren was manufactured by the Freedom Group, a gun behemoth controlled by Cerberus Capital Management, named after the three-headed dog of Greek myth that guarded the gates of Hades. Its founder, Stephen A. Feinberg, hunts regularly on the weekends with a Remington Model 700.

    Besides Cerberus, Colt Defense, a spinoff from the manufacturer of the .44-40 Colt revolver made famous by John Wayne, is jointly owned by Sciens Capital Management, a fund advised by the Blackstone Group and another fund run by Credit Suisse...."
  2. Does Feinburg hunt alone and out of site of others?

    I just got my new fake antlers which have heat sensors.
  3. Guns are a huge biz, what did you expect? Some duck dynasty lookalike joker making them in his basement??
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    The .223 Bushmaster (an M-16 style semi-automatic rifle) was left in the car and not used in the shooting according to the police.
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    Good, we don't need gun "reform" anyway.