Biggest Fraud/Scam in Human History

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Inflation is the biggest fraud/scam in human history?

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  1. How many millions of people have been killed/died till today because of high inflation because people cannot buy good food, medicines, good houses. How many wars are been the direct result of high inflation?

    Every day 5 Billion or 6 Billion people suffer because of present Highest inflation

    Till today terrorists must have killed 1 million to 10 million people worldwide.

    Till today high and useless inflation must have killed 1 billion or 2 billion people worldwide.

    Who is worse, Terrorists or high inflation?

    Is this statement true? Inflation is the biggest fraud/scam in human history.
  2. God Sends Obama An Easter Message

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  3. Hopefully lightning will strike you right between your legs, and then maybe you'll shut the f**k up with your rediculous posts.
  4. Destroy world high inflation once and for all otherwise there will be definately World War 3.

    This is How You destroy World High Inflation and prevent World War 3

    All Wars have economics as the reason for War

    200,000 Americans killed each year by Prescription medicines/drugs. I think worldwide medicines industry is $1.5 Trillion to $2 Trillion per year

    The "Miracle" Of Compound Inflation

    TV commercials/advertisements cause Inflation
  5. Premium Gas $55.20 A Gallon At One German Station. Stop Whining America

    Gas prices were already high in Germany, but this is just ridiculous.

    The price for a single liter of of premium gas is now €9.99 outside of the German city of Stuttgart, in the town of Filderstadt, according to Handelsblatt. That's around $55.20 a gallon!

    As of November, Germans were paying $7.19 a gallon on average for gas.

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  6. Soaring Food prices 'to hit Asian growth' : Warns Asian Development Bank

    The bank has warned that if food and fuel prices continue to surge, economic growth in the region could be reduced by up to 1.5% this year.

    According to the bank, domestic food prices have risen at an average of 10% in many Asian economies this year. Oil prices have also surged because of the crisis in the Middle East. The bank said that a combination of these two factors has been a major setback for growth in Asian economies.

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  7. emg


    We are back in the 70s






    Part of the civilization cycle. We are at the beginning stage of the GREAT INFLATION!
  8. Every day 5 Billion or 6 Billion people suffer because of present Highest inflation.
  9. During year 1970 to 1977 there was serious risk of USA and Russia War.
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    If I were you I wouldn't worry about Asians. All the problems Asians are facing are minuscule compared to economic Armageddon coming here. Asian problem is that of slowed down growth. US problem is that of growth.
    See what I mean?
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