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  1. I am a new trader and am obviously intrigued by the tremendous upside to the trading business. I want to know what kind of risk/reward profiles the traders here on ET have i.e. their biggest up day vs. their biggest down day......i use the day time frame because i have started scalping futures. Mine are as follows>

    Up: $1,200

    down : $700

    Many traders i work with say that your biggest up and down down should be roughly equal; therefore this risk reward profile of mine is pretty decent......also.....anyone made 6 figs in a single day?

    I have to return some videotapes.....
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  2. Best day: Up $438,000

    Worst day: Down $1,500,000 (After recovering from being down 2 1/2 mil on the day.
  3. Pabst


    -230k. Best 95k

    VERY poor R/R.
  4. I recall that day "rearden metal",
    what you have been trading that day?

  5. wow, how long had you been trading and what size were you trading at this point>? How long did it take for you to build up that kind of size? Here's the real question: what did you do later that day? i am guessing you either a) got blacked out drunk or b) got blacked out drunk....
  6. Rearden's worst day was my best ever, Jan 3rd 2001. $570K, taking stock like a lunatic dollars above the offer and puking it even higher. I think i had 8 mill on in about 5 minutes.

    Worst day ever -$400K, it was in the middle of April that same year. Short a boatload of tech o/n and for some reason I cant recall it all gapped up huge. I remember being short stocks that were up $7-8 bucks after being down that much the day before. Ugly.

    Those were crazy days, my max volatility is 1/20 of that now.
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    After 7+ years...


    Pretty exciting huh.
  8. Since year 2000:
    Largest up +4.5k
    Largest down -6k.

    Most painful, however, was a multi day loss of about 15k. (lesson: thing are more correlated than one would suspect).
  9. buylo


    After 6 years:

    Best Day......... +189K - Reintroducing 30 year.

    Worst Day.......... -250K - Resting order during January '05 unemloyment. Short 286 10 year and a handle in my face.
  10. Best: $28K (bought 4000 sh. of BBN on rumor of GTE buyout in 1997)

    Worst: $? (owned a boatload of Bre-X gold mining stock. BRE-X involved in Billion dollar fraud. Stock went from $2 to zero overnight on confirmation of fraud. Never calculated the loss, but I'm sure it sucked all of the BBN gain and probably then some.

    So, is this what it feels like to go to confession?
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