Biggest amount of money won/lost at a prop firm your ever saw

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Daal, May 30, 2006.

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    Lets share some inspiring and horror stories guys. Always fun to read them
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    I used to work at a prop firm(well known on here)...and I remember when SIRI went to $9 a few years back ..then it died the next trading day...there was some system problems and the quotes we were seeing were very off...I lost $1200..i remember ...not much..but I heard at same company in different location,..that someone lost $50K on same type of trade I got stuck in..thats crazy

  3. Seen a guy make GBP300k on Euribor trade that ran for 7hours.

    Probably more emotional was watching a guy refuse to cut a GBP20k+ position and turn it into -GBP90k. That was one shit day. I was nicely in the red too.
  4. Saw a guy make and lose 100K daytrading on a regular basis scalping the bonds........

    Fortunate for him, he won more days of the week than he lost......
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    I know a guy who made 1.2m euros in one day, actually in one trade.
  6. It is not in term of $ lost but it terms of price change.

    UTSI on november the 15 2005 one guy at swift trade lost 2.41 dollars on his trade with a stock at $6 to $9 move in less than 10 minutes. It was his last day of trading hihihi
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    One of our big MOC traders made about 600k in one day. Most of it on the MOC orders. Of course he routinely made 100k a day on good days. But 600k is pretty good for a stock guy. Had a bad tempter too. LOL.
  8. what is moc
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    Market on close.
  10. ok yes there is some money there is it on arca
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