Bigger Disappointment? NBA or PGA pros

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  1. I see another Ryder Cup is winding down with another US defeat. Not only did the US side lose, they went down without much of a fight. On paper the Euro's looked formidable, but even the top US players like Woods, Furyk, Michelson etc failed to provide any spark. The new guys on the US team produced some decent play yesterday and Friday, but seemed lost in today's singles. To round it out, team Captain Tom Lehman came in for his share of criticism for a variety of decisions. Basically, the US team was flat and played like they expected to lose.

    The comparison to US basketball is inescapable. While the golfers are far classier than their NBA counterparts, in their own way they are equally arrogant. They can make tons of money, but when the chips are down, they come up awfully small.
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    18 1/2 to 9 1/2,

    In the famous words of Popeye,

    how ebarrissking!
  3. The NBA is a disgrace...enough said.
  4. I don't know. To me, caring between the Ryder Cup and the WNBA Championship is a tossup.
  5. Golf is not a team sport. When they try to make it so it changes the game of each individual. The strong get weak and the weak play stonger. I like the idea of one man against the rest of the field. Win it all with no one else to blame if you lose.
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    I'll agree, than quickly disagree. Golf is a team sport at the high school and college levels in this country. The American players should be well experienced in team events.

    No real shame in lossing to these Euros, they played the lights out.

    The European team played inspired golf. The US was flat yet again, maybe the rampant anti-americanism overseas I've read about may have contributed to that.

    I still remember Woods complaining about not be paid to play in the Ryder cup. A pyschologist might be able to devine some meaning from that.

    I'll offer, Woods is not a team player,. Bonds wins individual title after individual title, yet his teammates hate him, and his never won in October.

    I don't give a shit about the NBA
  7. Tiger has had a very average record in Ryder Cup. I think he was a little more focused this year, because he realizes his record threatens to tarnish his legacy.

    As for the individual versus team aspect, it is what it is. The european players play the same tournament schedule as the American players, yet they seem to raise their level for Ryder Cup. The Americans shrivel in the spotlight. I think a big part of the problem is that these guys can make so much money by safe defensive play in the endless Tour tournaments that they lack the kind of guts an Arnold Palmer or Ray Floyd had to develop to make enough money to eat.

    Whatever. Another sport where we are supposed to be the best but come up short against international competition. At least they can't whine about the referees.