Bigfoot Networks NIC W/ Lag & Latency Reduction

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by SuperLimitUser, Aug 19, 2007.

  1. I am looking for a 2nd NIC network card to run the dual ISP solution. My original network card is included in the motherboard. Can i set the 2nd network card as default and make XP switch to the first/original card during the fail over?

    Also, have anyone tried or heard of this? it sounds interesting.

    Bigfoot Networks Killer NIC M1 Network Interface Card for Gamers 64MB PCI W/ Lag & Latency Reduction Networks

    "Lower Ping:
    Get your UltimatePing?because the Killer NIC offloads the network stack from the CPU. This not only means your CPU has more cycles, but also that Killer can completely bypass Windows when delivering data to your games. Bypassing Windows reduces your latency, implements a fully game interrupt driven model, and gives you that split second advantage you need when you meet your nemesis in battle."
  2. Complete waste of money.