Bigfoot hunter claims he has a bigfoot body!

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by traderpro, Aug 13, 2008.

  1. olias


    I always thought there was some compelling evidence of the existence of bigfoot-type creatures. This is kind of exciting.

    However, I'm a little disappointed by the quality of the features in the photo. leads me to think it could be a hoax, or just a mistake.
  2. Lucrum


    I don't know, looks like Jim Cramer in a gorilla suit to me.
  3. maxpi


    I have a friend, bigtime outdoorsman, that claims they surrounded his tent in the Pacific Northwest, in the night, and screamed, he took it that they wanted him out of there and at daybreak he split. He says there was somebody along too but i've never met the other guy.

    These guys that find something always go straight to the press conference. They could be hoaxers and publicity hounds, they could be aware that the Smithsonian sends out "officials" to grab whatever evidence people find that does not fit their theories of origins... who knows?
  4. Tom Biscardi is the bigfoot hunter and he claims he has looked this primate over and will have scientist explain what this primate/creature is. Friday or saturday he claims the DNA will be done. TBC.....
  5. fake..... no blood on guts.....if it was real it wold be in every news story worldwide.

    Heres a monster thats real.....
    its a croc, biggest in the western hemisphere, it has since died a couple of years ago, but I had the chance to see it alive when i used travel.

    it weighs 2000 llbs!!

    Its was as fat as a cow.... no joke!!
  6. Why I'm I not surprised something like that shows up on Fox News.
  7. maxpi


    Nothing limits the size of cold blooded animals but food supply. There is a story I heard out of Thailand about a snake that got so big it just sat with it's mouth open until something or somebody walked in thinking it was a cave... the story goes that one guy had a spear and he walked in unknowingly and put the butt of his spear on the "floor" and it kept the thing from biting down on him.