bigfoot found???

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  1. I saw that. If its a hoax its sure a gutsy one.
  2. Hannity and O'Reilly constituencies ...gar own teed.
  3. Here is a pic of it. Odd how they like to copy humans, by putting on an old suit and glasses...

  4. News report said the remains were opossum DNA... Stay tuned!
  5. I want to see Sean Hannity debate the fake remains. He'll probably interpose both questions and answers (when the remains remain silent).

    Sean Hannity - he's so brilliant.
  6. Olbermann says, "O possum" is an Irish possum.
  7. Why so? They have all been hoaxes, er, up to this point. umm....

    The heck with it-these a#holes should be charged , with something, for some reason.

    Well, they found remains of what must surely be the most endangered species on the planet, and didnt immediately contact, oh i dont know, maybe, anyone with any authority or expertise.......David Attenborough, i don't care, but they didnt .

    And they kept a 7'7" humanoid creature in what appears to be a standard, large chest freezer-without peta saying boo, for example.

    So it was already dead-if the state has good laws regarding consuming road kill or similiar, weeell they could have at least put on a nice barbecue or something.
    But they didn't.

    Shame on you, bigfoot hoaxers.
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