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    Hi all,

    I received this from BE today. $40/month for end of day data, what a bargain! But, hey, for the "savvy" of you out there, you get 10 free trades with Ameritrade...the deals just keep on coming! This letter makes it feel like an honor to have the privilege of paying them.

    I guess what they say is true: There is no such thing as a free lunch, only free crack until the dealer gets you hooked.



    Dear Kirk,

    For more than one year, thousands of self-directed investors like you
    have used The BigEasy Investor free tools to help them tackle the
    changing investment market. We hope you have benefited from our
    comprehensive package of easy-to-understand screening tools, informative
    charts, integrated Web research, portfolio management tools and much
    more. In addition, our latest version 3.0 offers trendlines, additional
    screening criteria, new indicators and more -- so if you haven't upgraded
    yet log on to and do it today!

    To support the continued expansion and ongoing improvement of the
    services you receive, we will be instituting a $40 monthly subscription
    fee beginning April 1, 2001. This fee is for data services only and you
    will continue to receive improved BigEasy Investor software and all
    upgrades, free of charge. We think you will continue to find the
    powerful set of trading tools BigEasy Investor offers to be a great
    value. We will be notifying all BigEasy Investor users prior to April 1,
    2001 with more details on subscription fees.

    A special offer for BigEasy Investor subscribers!

    We’re pleased to announce a special offer exclusively for savvy BigEasy
    Investor users. Open a new Ameritrade® cash account with a $500 deposit
    between March 1 and May 31, 2001 and you'll receive 10 commission-free
    Internet equity trades to use in your first month, a free 30 day trial
    subscription to BigEasy Investor daily market data service and a special
    discounted monthly subscription rate of just $30 a month thereafter.
    Just click on

    Plus, with Ameritrade you'll get: (in addition to slow fills)

    · $8 commissions for Internet equity market trades, limit and stop
    orders are just $5 more.
    · Direct access to your account 24 hours a day
    · Superior Customer Service representation 24/7 (excluding market

    To learn more about Ameritrade, or to open an account, log on at and type in offer code RIE. Remember, this is a
    limited time offer, so log on today.


    BigEasy Investor Management

  2. Hi Wareagle,

    got this mail today too ( as all BE users, I suppose )

    It's a nice program and I would consider paying 15 - 20 bucks a month for their EOD data ( as I would have to pay with any other more or less reliable data provider ).

    However , 40 bucks a month is way too much. So dropped them a mail, saying , although I like the program, I'll certainly not subscribe to this "bargain" offer.
    I recall, they posted something like " we try to keep the monthly data fee below 20 USD/month" on their website when they launched the product a year ago.

    As for alternatives :

    For the highend I'll take look into AIQ's Trading Expert.

    For medium priced alternatives, one could checkout TC 2000 ( 29.95 a month ) or QP 2.2 ( 25.95 a month )

    Low cost alternatives would be :
    Stockwiz Pro 2000 ( 15.- /month )

    AmiBroker 3.50 - 60 $ onetime registration fee for the fully functional version + regular updates
    ( nice charts,indicator building, backtest features and more )

    Amibroker comes with AmiQuote - a little tool allowing you to retrieve historical data from Yahoo servers in an efficient way .
    AmiBroker can read may dataformats and you can also define user-specified ASCII data for import and use with AmiBroker.

    Another cost-free alternative for just quotes , i.e. for those traders who use already software-packages which can work / import ASCII or MetaStock data :

    you have to register. Access to historical quotes in .txt files for over 50.000 equities traded on all major exchanges worldwide.
    One can download either customized lists or complete markets, like NYSE and NASDAQ.

    Other, more reasonably priced eod data services :

    More info on software and quote vendors :


  3. limbo


    I agree guys they have some hell of a nerve-$40--How bout the cute little idea of having us help price it-what do they take us for morons. But its true War they got us hooked-gave us the jones as we say in NYC. Privateer hopefully some of your selections will ease the withdrawal.
  4. limbo


    Correction-- came up with the cute little stunt of us helping them price it.
  5. Hi limbo,

    the - service works. Tried it yesterday.
    The customized list may not contain more than 100 stocks / indexes at a time.
    But you can download whole markets,i.e. NASDAQ, AMEX, NYSE, or index components for i.e Nasdaq 100, S&P 500 etc.
    each in separate .txt file. Download is fast.

    I downloaded data for the last 2 trading days for all markets mentioned above and let "Downloader" ( MS utility )do the conversion from ASCII into MetaStock Format.

    I have about 1200 Stocks in my MS files list for screening purposes.
    MS-Downloader is able to select and add data only for those selected equities from the ASCII files. So no need to convert data from all 10K + equities traded on US exchanges.

    If you prefer scans on fundamental company data before applying TA, you might consider to use marketguide's NetScreen service ( free ).

    Screens can be saved and exported to Excel, from where it's easy to build symbol watchlists for further use in MetaStock, AmiBroker, OmniTrader or other applications.

    BTW - Fundamental data in BE comes from Marketguide anyway.
    But Netscreen offers 80+ fundamental criteria / variables for screening - much more than included in BE.

    If you consider TC2000 as an alternative, ther's a quite active usergroup on the net, where you can find many screen setups and personal criteria formulas.

    Good Luck

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    [BigEasy isn't the only one!]

    Subject: Change to TraderBot Service Plans
    Date: Thu, 8 Mar 2001 13:58:34 -0800

    Dear TraderBot User,

    This is to notify you of an upcoming change to the TraderBot Service Plans.

    Effective April 1, 2001 TraderBot will no longer offer free after hours access
    to the site. This
    affects anyone that has registered for an after hours account and anyone whose
    trial subscription
    or whose paid subscription has expired and rolled over into an after hours
    account. Starting
    April 1, you will no longer be able to access the secured areas of the
    TraderBot web site with your
    after hours user name and password.

    This will not impact any monthly or annual subscriber accounts, however we want
    to make you
    aware that if you cancel your subscription your account will no longer rollover
    into an after market
    hours account.

    If you are an after hours user and you want to continue using TraderBot, you
    will need to either
    register as a monthly subscriber at the rate of $39.95 per month or as an
    annual subscriber at
    the rate of $350 per year. To do this, log on to TraderBot and go to the
    Member Center. At
    the bottom of the Member Center page, you will see a button to "upgrade your
    click on this and follow the necessary steps to register.

    We thank you for your continued patronage.


    The TraderBot Support Team
  7. fleance


    [BigEasy Isn't the Only One! Sixer has a new subscription rate survey. ]
    Effective March 15, 2001, the extended free membership for
    siXer.cOm's Premium Web Service will end. We are
    conducting a brief survey for our subscription rates.
    Please participate in our survey by selecting an option
    and send your selection.
    What should be siXer.cOm's Monthly Subscription Rate?

    Not Interested

  8. limbo


    Privateer I for one would like to thank you for all your posts which are always chock full of very useful information. Your efforts to prepare these are much appreciated.

  9. limbo - you're welcome. I had to do the little "research" anyway because I'am looking for an alternative for BE.

    Sharing the results with others is part of the research.
    I have profited from many ET posters in the past ( and still do ) so it's a kind of give and take IMHO.
    #10     Mar 9, 2001