big ups to our hard working boys in blue..

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    Generally speaking I'm a big fan of law enforcement. They have a dangerous thankless job where they are lied to by human garbage 8 hours a day and make shit for salary.

    In this case though the deputy was obviously wrong. In fact I think he's a spineless coward who should be taken out and shot himself.
  2. I guess its where your from. I live in eastern suffolk county, long island and the cops are making 6 figs with overtime. And trust me...these guys arent busting crank labs. Speeding tickets is a busy day.
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    Uhm yeah ok. More like they lie & manipulate everyone they deal with everyday.

    Police departments preach an "us versus them" mentality. And by them, they mean regular people with zero distinction in regards to criminal suspicion.

    A word of advice. Do not ever trust a cop.
  4. I'm surprised, usually conservatives think cops can do no wrong and rationalize everything they do.
  5. the one thing the cop has going for him is, you can see him backing up so clearly he perceives (right or wrong) that the dog is a threat. they will use this as an argument.

    although that dog looked like it was going to run past him not into him...

    in any case, it's the killing of an animal not a human so i doubt she'd win more than a few thousand, if that.
  6. It wasn't a rotweiler or pitbull it was a wirehaired terrier. If he was scared, he could just have stuck a foot into him and jumped into the car. The damn dog probably just wanted to lick his face and say hello. Probably watches too many Chuck Norris reruns and imagines himself a ninja ...dickhead.
  7. I have had dogs for pets my whole life. And the body language that pooch was sending as he ran was pure playful. Waggly and jumpy..clearly happy to have someone to play with. He didnt look like a charging attack dog to me.

    A - the cop had plenty of time to just get back in the cruiser
    B - even if the dog was attacking the cop he is an "intruder" in the dogs eyes and he was just doing his job...yah think a "law enforcer" would appreciate that.

    I hope he loses his job for lack of(no) judgement.
  8. Yea, I was wrong. He probably didn't even need to stick a foot into the poor animal. Lose his job, spend some time behind bars and a donation to PETA that'll adjust that pathetic attitude ...hopefully. I hate hate.
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    If you think a dog getting shot is bad, over 300 Taser deaths are now passed off as a new type of, "Captivity Syndrome".

    Yes, thats right.

    If you get shocked with 50,000 Volts, 10 times IN A ROW, and die of cardiac arrest. Well, hey. Its not the Cops fault!!

    Its a strange new Syndrome thats never been witnessed. Well, never since mass adoption of the Taser!

    Seriously, America needs to leverage its armadas of parasitic lawyers and obsession with electronic gadgets, and video tape, then Criminally Charge and Civilly Sue, every Cop, Police Chief, City and County for "excessive force" or criminal negligence when these Cowards Taze their way to submission.

    In the recent past, the Force Continuum has been completely thrown out the Window and suspects - pulled over for something as minor as moving infraction - are repeatedly tazed for merely disagreeing with an officer. Or, even so much as asking a question! GASP!

    Another favorite is Cops Tazing handcuffed (and leg-shackled) persons if they refuse to move.

    Because physically moving a peaceful - but non-compliant person - would "endanger" the Officer.

    Its complete bullshit.

    The Police are abusing the sacred trust we give them by LYING about the non-threat we pose, so they can torture US with electric shocks, that sometimes result in serious injury or DEATH.

    I say criminally charge and sue them all.

    We've got a lot of Good, Honest Cops out there. And I certainly tip my hat out of respect to them

    But to these Power-Mad pieces of shit that Taze, Beat and bear false-testimony to win convictions or just to exert authority, Fuck 'Em.

    We, the Citizens, should throw the Book at them.

    Cause thats exactly what Law Enforcement is doing to us. If your leg insomuch as brushes up against a Cop while they're talking to or arresting you, you'll get charged with resisting, assault, assault with a deadly weapon, endangering an officer, on and on....
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